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  1. bshaw

    Fob battery dead in less than 2 years

    I think its technically Field Service Action 22B10, but yes you should be able to get one. My dealer didn't have any FOBs locally, so I special ordered one, and will have it programmed next...
  2. bshaw

    Pairing Apple Watch with Mach-E and using for PAAK?

    I think the capability exists within the Apple watch to do things like this independently of the phone, but Ford hasn't built the app in that way.
  3. bshaw

    Car died overnight while plugged in...

    There used to be a bug that would switch the headlights from auto to ON without anyone touching the dial. I thought they fixed that, and since yours is new it would have the fix, but just FYI.
  4. bshaw

    Pairing Apple Watch with Mach-E and using for PAAK?

    You can make the watch app a complication on your watch face. That makes it very quick to open and remote start. I use it all the time and it works great.
  5. bshaw

    Consumer Reports ranks BlueCruise as #1 driver assistance system

    Same here, the hugging the right side of the lane is a dealbreaker for me. There are so many people in this area that drift to the left of *their* lane, that it makes BC feel dangerous in the current version.
  6. bshaw

    Consumer Reports ranks BlueCruise as #1 driver assistance system

    Ultimately, I think its going to come down to hardware (sensors or chips) that may be a newer revision in the 2023 MMEs. If that's the case, there will be no upgradeability path for earlier years. If its just a software revision, then I think Ford can and will make it available to prior years...
  7. bshaw

    What causes fast chargers to go down?

    I did not realize that EVgo had purchased plugshare. That is rather unfortunate for the long term. They said they'll keep a level playing field for all other networks' chargers, but that kind of thing is easy to erode over time. I did some quick research, and plugshare is used by 70% of...
  8. bshaw

    What causes fast chargers to go down?

    Great list, but just one comment that came to mind. Why not build an open air roof over pretty much every DCFC station? Just like every gas station has currently. Sure, it looks hideous but you'd get at least some protection from the sun, rain, snow for both customers and the equipment...
  9. bshaw

    "Connected Vehicle Features" settings are empty - A theory

    Interesting debugging efforts, nice work. Are you able to change departure times within the vehicle and have them stick? Like its just a FordPass sending them to the car problem?
  10. bshaw

    Tesla Announces Opening up of NACS (Tesla Plug) Charging Standard

    I’m on my way. I can make it there with about 20 charge stops. Took ABRP a while to crunch such a trip, but it looks fairly direct. It will probably be operational by the time I get there.
  11. bshaw

    Early '23; Owners, what is your Sync version?

    Which screen indicates your BlueCruise v1.2 capabilities are enabled? Reason I'm asking is because I believe its still an open question as to whether BC 1.2 requires a hardware revision, or is purely a software enhancement. This couldn't be more true.
  12. bshaw

    Charging Issue

    When you say "several chargers" do you mean other locations, or different chargers at your place of employment? I believe FordPass will always indicate "AC Basic" for any L1 / L2 charge session. That just means you are not DCFC'ing. It is unlikely the software update process impaired your...
  13. bshaw

    The Complete DIY Guide to Updating Your Mach-E with FDRS (Alternative to Forscan)

    I got 4.1.1 last month and then nothing for maybe 1-2 weeks. I ended up going in with FDRS and was offered the APIM update that way. Of course, things could have changed by now, but I don't know if assuming 4.1.2 is right around the corner will be right. The Ford scheduling team seems to...
  14. bshaw

    Emporia Charger & FordPass. Question & Review

    No problem telling the app you *have* a Mach E. But.... Do not share your FordPass username and password with any service, for any reason. If Ford has allowed a 3rd party to access your vehicle data, they will provide a way to approve that by signing in thru Ford. Others have reported...
  15. bshaw

    Latest BlueCruise Map Update : 10-6-2023

    Keep in mind the maps are euro-date-stamped, so that map is good until June 10, 2023. Unless they fixed that recently, but I think maps last about 4-5 months, so June is actually about right.
  16. bshaw

    The Complete DIY Guide to Updating Your Mach-E with FDRS (Alternative to Forscan)

    Having a high performance USB drive is going to be more important than trying to choose an install order. Start with the PCM like you said and then FDRS is going to manage dependencies and chain other updates together without asking you. Maybe keep APIM to last, if it is offered to you.
  17. bshaw

    Mach E Fast Charging Rate

    My guess is that Ford wanted to spec the highest number possible as the "max DCFC charge rate". That spec is 150kW for extended range, but its just a burst and then tapers quickly for battery preservation purposes. Standard battery is more like 115kW at the burst?
  18. bshaw

    Extended warranty options

    Keep in mind the battery pack / motors have an 8-yr or 100k miles warranty on them. If you use 1-PD, then your brakes are going to last a lot longer than an ICE car too. Tires will wear of course. If you take good care of your vehicle, I'm just not sure which other things would be a reason to...
  19. bshaw

    Mach E Fast Charging Rate

    Yes, agreed. On the top end, they need to hide the buffer as additional capacity you can't access. On the low end, its additional hidden charge that you can't use. Based on how others have described the way the buffer works, the intersection of the Display SOC vs. Actual SOC lines are exactly...