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  1. Gullwingdmc

    Charge Port Weather Kit

    Has anyone tried this accessory from Ford’s accessory store? Part No: PK9Z10D802A MUSTANG MACH-E 2021-2023 CHARGE PORT WEATHER KIT
  2. Gullwingdmc

    First Tesla Supercharger location with "Magic Dock" CCS compatibility in the US potentially revealed

    From Drive Tesla Canada Tesla accidentally reveals Magic Dock, hints first Supercharger with CCS compatibility will be in Hawthorne January 21, 2023 Darryn John 1 Comment Tesla has already opened up their Supercharger network to owners of other electric vehicles (EVs) in more than one dozen...
  3. Gullwingdmc

    PSA: Park + Parking Brake ≠ Car not moving

    Well this was terrifying. I cleared my driveway of the little snow we got last night, then pulled my car out of the garage to re-arrange the snowblower and lawn mower. The car alarm going off got my attention as my car slid down the driveway. The rear wheels were not spinning, just sliding. The...
  4. Gullwingdmc

    My car has 2 steering wheels!

    …on the seatbelt warning graphic. Interestingly, only one instrument cluster though, on the right hand side. The shifter layout is also for RHD. 🤔 An update: in the daytime my second steering wheel retracts and the instrument cluster moves. How convenient!! Still has the RHD shifter though.
  5. Gullwingdmc

    BlueCruise improves efficiency

    Stick with me here. I was driving home from work last night in 30° F weather and as soon as I got on the highway I turned on BlueCruise and took my hands off the wheel as I normally do. After a few minutes I realized I didn’t need to have the heated wheel on if I wasn’t holding the wheel, so I...
  6. Gullwingdmc

    Covering Rear USB Ports

    Anyone have any ideas on how to cover these up? Now that we are into the snowy season I’m concerned with water getting in there from the snow brush or my kids wet boots. I was just going to put electrical tape over it, but I didn’t know if anyone else had a more elegant solution.
  7. Gullwingdmc

    2022 Auto High Beams Fade On

    I recently moved from a J1 2021 to a J2 2022 and I thought I knew about all the changes, but I discovered this one last night. See the video below (passenger recording) you can see the high beam icon come on in the instrument cluster as the road gradually gets brighter. In my 2021 the auto high...
  8. Gullwingdmc

    Solution to phone slipping off the charging pad! 📱

    Just took it for a test drive and I couldn’t get it to slip off the sweet spot. Spent way too much time getting the size and placement of the holes right.
  9. Gullwingdmc

    UI Sin

    Ok I know I’m nit picking here, but the Mach-E has such a clean cohesive UI, or at least it used to, until they committed this Sin of iconography. First, why does it have a drop shadow when none of the other climate icons do? Second, why is it so bold and thick when every other icon in the UI...
  10. Gullwingdmc

    Add FordPass to iOS 16 Lock Screen… sort of

    Now that iOS 16 supports Lock Screen widgets many companies are updating their apps to support them. Ford hasn’t yet, hopefully they will. Until then I came up with a slightly hackish workaround. EDIT: Figured out a simpler way to do it. Updated instructions below. Download the Launcher app...
  11. Gullwingdmc

    Tesla's Non-Tesla Supercharger Pilot Program To Open In US In 2022

    Per a White House fact sheet… “Later this year, Tesla will begin production of new Supercharger equipment that will enable non-Tesla EV drivers in North America to use Tesla Superchargers.”
  12. Gullwingdmc

    BlueCruise Not Turning On Reliably

    I had BlueCruise install via OTA update a month ago. In the beginning it would work 95% of the time. By that I mean when I would get on an approved Blue Zone highway and turn on lane centering and then cruise control, the screen would go blue and say hands free. Occasionally it would not go blue...
  13. Gullwingdmc

    Recommend Dealer for Windshield & Roof Recall - Eastern MA

    Has anyone had a good experience with a dealership in eastern MA doing the recall work? My dealership (Bonnel) is keeping a spare windshield on hand in case one breaks, but the last time I was in they were really rude. So I’m hesitant to go back.
  14. Gullwingdmc

    Mach-E Specific Fob/Emblem

    I noticed something last night. My husband has a 2021 Job 2, but only got one fob. He went back to the dealers and showed them the notice from Ford saying he should have received 2. They ordered a second one and programmed it. However when I looked at the fobs I noticed that his original fob...
  15. Gullwingdmc

    FordPass 4.14.0 Out on the App Store (Update: Android Too)

    Looks like they are bringing connected services into the app instead of having to go to the website. That will be useful if they are going to start expanding their offerings.
  16. Gullwingdmc

    What is the plural of Mach-E?

    Mach-Es? Machs-E? We are now officially an all pony house! Mako and his slightly younger brother Rocinante. My husband snagged a Rapid Red 21 Premium ER AWD yesterday to join my Infinite Blue 21 Premium SR AWD. Now we just need to share our one car garage! As any owner will know, trying...
  17. Gullwingdmc

    Anyone have 21G01 (Blue Cruise) installed by a MA dealer?

    After the disastrous time I had with my dealership trying to get CSP 21P22 installed correctly I’m not looking to go back to them for Blue Cruise. If anyone in Eastern Mass has a good experience with their dealer doing these updates let me know. I’ll drive across the state if it means going to...
  18. Gullwingdmc

    Blue Cruise updates issues poll

    Now that the Blue Cruise updates (2.4.1-2.4.5, 2.5.1-2.5.3) are rolling out to more early access members I was wondering if anyone has had a serious failure. I’m not talking the update failed and they will try again, more along the lines of the 1.7.1 issues where it’s stuck, or worse, needed a...
  19. Gullwingdmc

    Farley on consequences for dealers marking up prices

    Good new for those frustrated by dealers charging over MSRP. Jim Farley in the Q4 Earnings Call “We have about 10% of our dealers last year in the supply-constrained environment that, we're charging above MSRP to our best of our knowledge. We have very good knowledge of who they are. And their...