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  1. Murse-In-Airy

    Is Alexa intermittent for anyone else?

    I know there is a lot of hate for Amazon/Alexa on here. But I use it. Happily most of the time. My question is, to the others that do use Alexa from the Mach-E, is yours intermittent? Does it work more than 50% of the time? About 50% of the time Alexa in my Mach-E does exactly what I ask. The...
  2. Murse-In-Airy

    SVS.. My turn

    I haven’t been too active here lately. Haven’t made any more modifications to show off and haven’t had any problems so nothing to contribute to the hive mind. But I just got a call from my son. He says my vehicle has a couple dash lights and told him to “Service Vehicle Soon.” I can only...
  3. Murse-In-Airy

    AOSK Console Safe Review Video

    My REVIEW . Feel free to ask questions. I know it’s not the most secure thing in the world. Nothing that’s not bolted to the frame will be. But it’s the best car safe I’ve found yet. Good for temporary out of sight storage of your valuables. Edit: Installation Video. Because the safe didn’t...
  4. Murse-In-Airy

    New York Sold: Anyone want my Sto-N-Sho?

    Wasn’t really happy with the way this sat on the car. Went with Craig’s Custom Bracket. That means I have a Sto-N-Sho I don’t need no mo. I even put new VHB tape on it for you $50 and free shipping. DM me.
  5. Murse-In-Airy

    New York Used Ford Seat Covers for Sale

    For Sale: Complete set of Ford official seat cover's Bought the Ford MME front and rear seat covers last year. $350 for the set. Upgraded to the Wet Okole covers this year so we no longer have need for these. Full disclosure, my wife allows the children and the poodle into the car. The...
  6. Murse-In-Airy

    Range question

    Hey folks, So this isn’t particular to the Mach-E, but I’m hoping you can all help. I picked up a rental Dodge Ram this morning. It was only at half a tank but when I got it home the dash range said 215 miles. Well, I had a long night at work last night so before hitting the road I went in and...
  7. Murse-In-Airy

    Can’t stop adding MME’s

    I’m addicted to MME’s. Added another one today. That makes two in the garage and 3 on the Lego shelf.
  8. Murse-In-Airy

    Opinions please. Bumper plugs or not?

    When I sent my car to the wrap shop, I pulled the front license plate and asked him to just wrap over the holes. I obtained bumper plugs and have the vinyl to color match them in vinyl before placing. I’m just not sure which would be better. The somewhat recessed area behind the vinyl, or the...
  9. Murse-In-Airy

    Vinyl accented wheels and lighted center caps in action.

    Had my son drive while I borrowed his selfie stick and took video of my decorated wheels. I just had to see how they looked and I am in love with the overall effect. See the full build thread @...
  10. Murse-In-Airy

    Resigning from the DMG Club and forming The Green Goblin Club

    Those of us that have been here for a while have long lamented the lack of a good color pallet available for our beloved Mustang Mach-E. My original order was for Carbonized Grey. When I got impatient a couple days later I was able to find a Shadow Black. Boring…. but I dressed it up and...
  11. Murse-In-Airy

    Intermittent greyed out frunk button

    For those few of us that have a working frunk button, I have a question. I’ve been noticing that sometimes when I get to work or get home and want to open the back hatch, if I navigate to “access” on the Jumbotron and go to pop the trunk, often the button to pop the Frunk is greyed out/ can’t...
  12. Murse-In-Airy

    One year anniversary

    This one is bittersweet. It’s still an anniversary even if it’s with an Ex, isn’t it? A year ago today, 3 weeks after buying my wife her Mach-E, I picked up my own from Shepard Brothers Ford in Canadaigua, NY. Brought them both home and let them get acquainted I spent a ton of time and love...
  13. Murse-In-Airy

    Can’t turn off SecuriAlert

    I wouldn’t have believed FordPass could get worse. But it has. I turned on SecuriAlert while my car was at the dealer for a couple days. Just to know when they were actively working on it. Well, now it won’t turn off. It shows off in the app. But every time I open a door, my phone and watch now...
  14. Murse-In-Airy

    Very low volume from rear speakers

    I’m not an audiophile. I wear hearing aids and generally listen to audiobooks. But I noticed the other day that all the sound was coming from the front of my car. Not the center where I prefer. I can listen normally with all the sound up front but if I want to center the sound I have to move the...
  15. Murse-In-Airy

    BEWARE, all my stripes Peeps, Ghost Stories

    As I led the charge into striping last year, I’m probably also the first to pull my striping as I sold the black and red premium. Learning from multiple folks that selling a car at stock is better than selling a modified car, i returned the black and red car to boring black stock prior to...
  16. Murse-In-Airy

    Help...Endless "Create a Profile" Notifications

    I didn't find this here except one mention in the UK thread, with no solution posted. My wife added our new GT to her FordPass app yesterday. For 24 hours now, every 9 minutes, she gets a pop-up notification from FordPass to "Create a profile for your 2021 Mach-E" If she clicks the...
  17. Murse-In-Airy

    The evolution of Ghost-E

    Rather than making a bunch of individual posts about how I will mod my GT, I figured I’d go ahead and start a single thread where I can catalogue changes/additions and general misadventures with my DMG GT-PE. So Here we go. Completely stock at the dealer I picked it up from. Meet Ghost-E the...
  18. Murse-In-Airy

    Praise for TireRack Service and Speed

    Got my GT-PE home last Tuesday. It was 150 mile drive during which the weather changed drastically. I arrived home to 3” of fresh wet snow and slid right past my road. I had planned to put on the Continental XtremeContact all seasons on from my Premium. But sleeping on it, I awoke Wednesday...
  19. Murse-In-Airy

    Two negative posts /s

    While returning my black car to stock, I came across two negatives to the Mach-E. One is pretty big. The other is, relatively minor. Also, I think I found why my battery is cold is some people’s heat may not work that well: Apparently the frunk is self cooling from underneath in winter.