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    Congrats, you just joined!
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    Congrats! Hopefully you don't get stuck waiting 6-8 months like I did. 😂
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    How Do You Roll (your charging cable)?

    I dunno if you agree but that clip that came with the Grizzl-e was hot garbage. I ended up getting one off Amazon for like $20 that worked. lol As for OP's question... coiling? What's that? ;)
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    A-plan in Canada>

    Yeah you've got to talk to your Ford internal people. That seems brutal!
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    A-plan in Canada>

    If you work for Ford shouldn't it be your HR or benefits administrator? If you don't work for Ford can you clarify the question?
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    Tesla New pricing

    Hahah so the Globe reported on this and I just read it. "The move, which prompted a 4.5 per cent fall in Tesla’s shares in pre-market U.S. trade, came after CEO Elon Musk warned that the prospect of recession and higher interest rates meant it could lower prices to sustain volume growth at the...
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    Tesla New pricing

    I won't directly fund Elon so it's NBD to me. These price drops thoughre interesting because of how large they are. Interest rates have down their job to a point but Elon's antics ranking the share means they need to increase sales volumes over value. It'll be interesting to watch.
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    4.1.2 OTA Update delay

    I picked up my select on Dec 9th and have had four updates in a month. The latest is saying it's 3.5.4 but so are all of the others. I'm guessing the app doesn't keep the version history.
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    Ordered Extended Range Battery, Got the Standard

    ^^^ This Also, y'all are savages.
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    Shipping Tracking (Rail) question

    No plans to move to Quebec eh? 😂
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    Shipping Tracking (Rail) question

    Interesting! I ended up getting a Sto and Go license bracket so that they wouldn't drill into the car.
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    Shipping Tracking (Rail) question

    Congrats on the his and her option! lol Did your dealer give you a choice on the front plate? Mine said they'd have to drill holes to mount it and suggested an option to avoid it... I'm wondering if I just had a good guy salesrep or what have you. ;)
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    Cabin HVAC

    The only issue I'd say I've had is the battery drain but that's to be expected with an EV. Preheating for 5-10 mins has worked quite well for me.
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    【More Colors Update】Upgrade your Mach-E with these Metal Volume and Gear Shift Covers! SNAP IN, Swap the style

    I'd install the orange too but they're not for sale on Boooooooooooo.
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    Dishonesty, Apparent Coverup, and Horrible Customer Services regarding Ford Active Park

    To answer your initial question, yes, I signed that sheet on delivery a few weeks ago. It was also on my original purchase agreement so not a suprise to me. What does your original PO show? You should head back to that to see if your dealer screwed it up. I attached mine that I ordered in May...
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    "Inclination" Alarm Triggered...6x during the night

    I just had an intruder alarm as well in -8C weather. It's pretty windy out though and I'm hoping it was just the wind.
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    Grizzl-E Charger - GRRRR

    I'm hardwired from my house to the outdoor yard. I'll get the electrician out to check it. Thanks!
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    Grizzl-E Charger - GRRRR

    Not sure if anyone is watching this thread but I'm in the it ain't working camp. Finally got a response from them that there's been >100 ground faults over a three day period. I'm too much a pleb to know what that means in the real world though. Can any ELI5 this for me?
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    So happy with my new wrap job in 3M Green Envy!

    Haha... well, I was born and raised in Toronto so Hamilton is what it is. lol