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  1. JamesStew71

    FordPass Rewards Points can be applied / redeemed online starting January 30, 2023

    I have a funny story about points, when we bought our 19 explorer, we were given 40k points for purchase.I also bought premium maintenance plan for wifes ease. lmao , first oil change for pulls all the points for oil change🤷‍♂️, says sorry and never puts anything back.mach points we used day one...
  2. JamesStew71

    Ford Power-Up OTA Update Software 3.6.2

    what I dont understand, I was on this update already, and now I update to it again??????sorry, my bad. I was on 3.6.1 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
  3. JamesStew71

    Question on electronic frunk release

    I had a wierd oddity happen. went to catch breakfast, unlocked with code and put it in twice - one of my numbers is a 7 but not 8.The frunk popped up . I tried and tried to recreate it. so I will try this. Question for the forum a glitch or did I possibly hit the magic numbers. I probably hit...
  4. JamesStew71

    Proof it's a Mustang!!!

    we love ours/. Just want to point out yes its a mustang, better yet its a mach mustang🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤘🤘💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻!!!
  5. JamesStew71

    2022 ME GT Home Charger?!

    I purchased the Grizzl-e had their tech set dip switches to 32 amps, wife uses her car to 30ish percent then charges till 85. Charger turns on 11pm done 3:45am - I still find it hard to believe some folks take so very long to charge at higher amps( seems weird) 50amp breaker 6/4 wire 32 amp set...
  6. JamesStew71

    PSA: What Happens When Start/Stop Button is Accidentally Pushed While Driving

    same thing happens if you turn off key and steering may lock, pay attention your in a car - not a recliner
  7. JamesStew71

    Do Our Cars Have External Motion Sensors?

    personally, I have heard and experienced it but we really have wrote it off as cooling system on/off etc . But yea we here it all the time and we have just a open covered driveway
  8. JamesStew71

    Cell phone holder?

    we used this one pretty good fits nice
  9. JamesStew71

    Broken Rear Tail Light

    we just replaced ours also- cracked with no visible damage anywhere else, 1000 bucks new, I ordered used off ebay 304.00 but its fixed
  10. JamesStew71

    What to expect from Ford and your dealership if your new car arrives defective

    o thats is true, I get it but find a better ford house, I used one for years in New Braunfels texas, Ended up I now drive 45 miles into san antonio, they do a good job on all my Fords. Yes it does suck .I would want a new junction/ battery if it fails. not a dam lolipop software update.
  11. JamesStew71

    What to expect from Ford and your dealership if your new car arrives defective

    not ours , we have had not one bump or anything we love our mach-e. I was saying that anyone that buys a car in a new line and new technology should expect and understand yea theres going to be some issues
  12. JamesStew71

    What to expect from Ford and your dealership if your new car arrives defective

    My earlier post was not meant derogatory or mean, new technology is going to have some issues, I feel for this owner, and hope ford helps them. But as purchasers ( even expensive cars) we all know there are some issues. As for me I am not doing the “software” my wife will drive till says pull...
  13. JamesStew71

    What to expect from Ford and your dealership if your new car arrives defective

    maybe you should be like everybody else and have waited till all the bugs were worked out of a new car line, If your willing to buy 1/4 line of the car you should expect some bumbs . ,especially on new technology
  14. JamesStew71

    Is this what I have to look forward with owning a Mach-E?

    then wait, dont be a guinea pig, some of us understand all new models have issues, if thats ok the by all means, knock on wood 6 months 6 k no problems
  15. JamesStew71

    Steering counterweight?

    Just take the bus then if you do t want to drive, would hate to see a mustang under the ass end of a 18 wheeler, the driver well I guess in a way they get what they deserve- DO T BE A TESLAIN OR IDIOT FLORIDIAN
  16. JamesStew71

    Didn't take long for Ford to take the EV tax credit

    then buy a leaf and get out our river
  17. JamesStew71

    Home Chargers

    I bought the grizzl-e its nice
  18. JamesStew71

    Who IS NOT having problems with their brand new Mach-e? 2021/ 2022

    yea , they are pricey and new- so if there are some hiccups well we all could have waited(we are south of new braunfels by the way🙏💋