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  1. Amazonkers

    FordPass Rewards Points can be applied / redeemed online starting January 30, 2023

    They have the GTPE wheels. I got them for winter tires and it doesn't want to snow here anymore.
  2. Amazonkers

    Computer doesn't recognize me

    Yes, just last week. Was saying Memory changes not allowed while driving, something crazy like that. Rebooting Sync (vol down + forward) fixed it.
  3. Amazonkers

    Would you still buy the Mach E today?

    I'd get another Mach E. If they switch to LFP, I'd either get the trim that isn't LFP or a Cadillac Lyriq. I'd miss the frunk though.
  4. Amazonkers

    FordPass 4.23.0 is available

    Can't do preconditioning from the app now. Didn't work right before - would say it worked when it didn't.
  5. Amazonkers

    Is it safe to install a pre-owned home charger?

    I've used a Bosch Power Max 30A charger for 7 years without the slightest of issues. Get 25 miles range per hour on the Mach E.
  6. Amazonkers

    Heated Seats: Too hot on any setting?

    1 - takes the cool off, 2 - toasty, 3 - too hot after about 2 minutes.
  7. Amazonkers

    How to Enable Plug & Charge in 7 Steps

    I know this thread is now ancient but I just car the car and it would spin the same the first 4 days. I got a message that it was setup later - I assume it just gets setup for new owners.
  8. Amazonkers

    Charge At Home - delay to start scheduled charge

    What is your basis for believ I could physically see it wasn't charging. The app showed as not charging yet and said would be complete at 9:37p. This was at say 7:20p. I'll capture the screen next time.
  9. Amazonkers

    Charge At Home - delay to start scheduled charge

    So I set it to charge weekdays from 7p-11a and plugged in around 6:30p. It seemed to start changing at like 7:37p instead of right at 7p. Is that normal? How did it pick that time to start? I only got the vehicle last week and this is only my 2nd delayed start. I think the other time it...
  10. Amazonkers

    What drive modes do you use the most? And is it different between models? POLL

    1 Pedal Engage - Select RWD because regen seemed stronger than Unbridled. Plus Brake Coach. Just coming from a Chevy Volt, not used to 1 pedal in reverse at all. I can barely get out of my driveway.
  11. Amazonkers

    Oh my God, why has my Mach-E lost 10 percent of its range?

    Oh my God, it's already starting.
  12. Amazonkers

    Finally have a build date for my 2022 MME select w/comfort and tech package

    I ordered a Select with Comfort/Tech (no AWD) on March 10 and got the email today for it to be built week of Sept 19! They must have decided today that they need to build all (or most) of the 22 Select with Comfort/Techs! I was really wondering what the private offer for 23 would have been...