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  1. nmope

    Front diff problem?

    I get a weird sound when making a left and pulling up onto my driveway. I don't know if its this issue. Will try to capture it on audio.
  2. nmope

    Consumer Reports ranks BlueCruise as #1 driver assistance system

    Good to know that this is fixed in the new version of BC! Anyone know if BC1.2 is definitely coming to MY 21/22 ?
  3. nmope

    Consumer Reports ranks BlueCruise as #1 driver assistance system

    I do really like blue cruise but I find it puts me a little too close to the right of center. I always disable it if there is a truck or large vehicle on the lane to the right of me. Even if I manually make steering adjustments putting me closer to the left, BC puts me back closer on the right...
  4. nmope

    Per Study, ICE fueling costs fall below price of EV charging

    I couldn’t view the original article due to subscriber login but I found this synopsis: interestingly enough the article actually says for luxury vehicles vs luxury EV, the EV is a lot cheaper. Also...
  5. nmope

    Per Study, ICE fueling costs fall below price of EV charging

    Here’s my math for Dallas: .14cents/kWH from electric company divided by 2.6miles/kWh for GTPE in winter * 100miles =$5.38 compared to a sporty SUV requiring premium gas ( $3.39/gallon divided by 22mpg * 100miles = $15.49 compared to a boring hybrid with regular gas $3/g divided by 50mpg *...
  6. nmope

    The Mercedes EQXX Looks Strangely Familiar

    No resemblance other than color. It be a slow day on the forums 😂
  7. nmope

    Longevity of magneride suspension?

    what was the weight of the Lincoln’s? the GTPE is practically 5000lbs
  8. nmope

    Longevity of magneride suspension?

    Wanted some feedback from other owners how the magneride suspension is holding up over miles and time? While the roads here in Dallas don’t have tons of potholes, they are otherwise not great roads for driving with some sneaky bumps and very rough surfaces.
  9. nmope

    FordPass Rewards Points can be applied / redeemed online starting January 30, 2023

    Is it possible to just get one wheel instead of 4?
  10. nmope

    Chart: Mach-E vs Tesla New Prices

    please share the link. My MachE seems to have tons of tire and wind noise. I used an app on my phone and it measures 96db Z from the front driving seat. My Miata with an aftermarket exhaust and a soft top measures 92-93db which is worlds quieter!
  11. nmope

    Lucid Air at same DCFC....

    I haven’t seen one on the road yet but it’s super underwhelming looks wise so I may have not even appreciated it!
  12. nmope

    First Month Owner Experience Charging with Solar Panels

    Thank you for this thread! For those with systems already working what date did you use for claiming the tax credit? Date of install? Date paid? Date permission to operate? Any difficulty getting credits? My system has been installed earlier this month and is generating but i have not gotten...
  13. nmope

    Tesla Slashes Prices

    That’s a 13k drop for the MYP…wow!! Do you have a source and a timeframe?
  14. nmope

    6th grader approached my (Red) Mach E from behind and said "I really like your Ferrari!" ...

    Cool car and rims but I didn't see much of a resemblance to the MME personally
  15. nmope

    Mach-E Appreciation Thread

    Thank you for making this positive post. Need more of that on this forum!! I love my MME. Put it on whisper mode and blue cruise and my commute back/forth from Work has never been as comfortable and stress free . Put it on engaged mode and spin rubber from a stop light. Put it on unbridled...
  16. nmope

    2023 MME GT PE after ceramic coating

    I am thinking of doing the same thing with front ppf and ceramic! How much did that cost you?
  17. nmope

    Enhance the Look and Feel of your Mach-E Interior!

    Does the orange color of the gear and volume selector match the cyber orange paint?