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  1. Power-Up Software 4.1.3 pushed

    For a former Apple exec to let that mishmash of button designs through to final release is alarming. Looks like iOS 5.
  2. 📄 2023 Mach-E Models & Specs Comparison Spreadsheet

    Interesting, so laminated windshield glass (aka “SoundScreen”) isn’t available on GT or GTPE? Will that make a noticeable difference in road noise?
  3. Electrify America says these charging station locations have been upgraded and online (posted 12/14/22)

    That’s supposed to be far from possible according to Ford. Anyway I see this as the fault of EV manufacturers and charge station providers. I would be annoyed if I pulled up in a 350 KW Ioniq5 and saw a MachE occupying the space charging with 150 KW (briefly) at the absolute best. They need to...
  4. '23 Build Week 10/31/2022

    My car was really built in the first week of November judging by the modules, but has taken until today to be marked as “built.” ETA is 12/28-1/3, not high hopes at all.
  5. Sync 4A Update Overview from Ford - Larger Apple CarPlay Android Auto interface, added dial functionality & more

    I think they’ll want you to trade in to the newer model or it’s just not worth the hassle for 1. And then for 2 it would definitely cut into higher trim sales.
  6. Sync 4A Update Overview from Ford - Larger Apple CarPlay Android Auto interface, added dial functionality & more

    The only offensive part here is the home button. It sticks out like a sore ass. Also my Apple CarPlay size looks the same as the image, did they somehow make it even bigger?
  7. Winter is Coming! How to get the most out of your Mach-E's climate control system

    The automatic heated seat feature seems to be broken or not as smart as it comes off. I actually quite enjoy and appreciate it on the driver’s side, but leaving the passenger heated seat on auto will go ahead and heat the passenger seat even when no one is sitting in the seat. And YES, before...
  8. Pre-conditioning the

    So I’ve noticed that whether in the summer or winter, whether remote starting or using departure times, my MachE will always start with about 1% less battery than it’s desired charge limit. This is while plugged in to a 40A L2 charger, which should be plenty I think to take care of...
  9. '23 Build Week 10/31/2022

    I see a very very long list of modules. Many hundreds for sure.
  10. '23 Build Week 10/31/2022

    No modules for me just yet. 10/31 build date still according to Ford tracker.
  11. Phone As Key - Does anyone's work consistently?

    I echo this experience 100%. However I can additionally confirm that even pulling my phone out and opening FordPass (bringing it to the background from foreground, OR starting it from scratch) does not make the process much better. It takes a while for the app to go from “Bluetooth Disconnected”...
  12. How the Heck…

    Would have preferred chip shortage to delete the radio not hands-free liftgate.
  13. '23 Build Week 10/31/2022

    401/1419 Damn, didn’t know the GTPE was so much less efficient than my RWD prem. 103 MPGe vs 82 😨. Mine is definitely not getting anywhere near that with my fulltime unbridled setting though.
  14. Did anyone received 2023 Mach E delivery yet ?

    No, production starts this Friday. You can monitor this thread:
  15. Mach-E Getting Better and Better

    THANK YOU Ford for finally fixing Wired Apple Carplay. Audio used to clip and disconnect whenever anything on the screen was changing, such as recalculating Google maps navigation. It seems after the games powerup update that this issue is resolved.
  16. Is there a 120v outlet in my mach e

    Neither is my Maverick but it also has one. Are you going to tell me the MachE isn‘t a Maverick?
  17. Still No Pet Mode?!

    I think the main concern is that super young startups like Rivian have already vastly eclipsed our technology feature set with much less experience and potentially less funding.
  18. 3.6.1 Software OTA Power-Up -- CSP 22B28 : improved heat capability / heating system HVAC for when temperature at or below -15C / 5F

    It’s really crazy to me that in a vehicle obsessed with efficiency they’ll purposefully override user input to the detriment of efficiency AND comfort for no tangible benefit. Do we really not have an internal humidity sensor? Seems like the HVAC system can just make sure it doesn’t get too high...
  19. Why is EVSE so expensive?

    Nitpick but its nice that they actually source the chips from Canada too.