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    I was only whelmed by my Tesla test drives

    Pretty sure Tesla doesn’t have marketing? Anyway, I also have never driven or ridden in one. Maybe I should given your experience with it.
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    Regarding 'long periods of time' if I have a trip planned where my car will be sitting for 4-5 days, should I not charge higher than 80% in that case? I've never left it sitting that many days and don't really know if I'll lose much charge while it sits. After the trip I'd like to just be able...
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    didn't keep reading if you already answered this - what bag do you use?
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    Ford Pass App on iOS remove charge max setting?

    Just an update to this thread, in case anyone ever has the issue of Departure Times and or Preferred Charge Times being Grayed out or missing... I went all the way through removing the car from being connected to my wife and I's FordPass accounts. Once I did that, I added it back to my Wife...
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    Marks on windshield

    Stoner.... just kidding :P that sticker on it always made me laugh though.
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    My neighborhood is improving

    One day @Logal727 drove by and I thought it was so cool to hear the pedestrian noise from outside. Not that I think the noise is cool, I just had never really heard one drive by.
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    FordPass 4.15.0 (iOS) Update

    When the release notes say "Keep the feedback coming!" does anyone know where that feedback is supposed to occur? I have some feedback...
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    Ford Pass App on iOS remove charge max setting?

    So. After much trouble I’ve gotten phone as a key working again for our devices…. Which wasn’t even the reason for this thread. But now that is working again so yay. I next deleted all my previously configured charging locations, which was just 3. I then successfully re added my house as a...
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    Ford Pass App on iOS remove charge max setting?

    Just attempted the delete of the app and reinstall. That did not fix the issue. When I first noticed that this happened, I saw in the car that it started calling my house "Default" but when I go in to edit that location it says "Home" within that screen. I think I'm going to have to delete all...
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    Ford Pass App on iOS remove charge max setting?

    It used to be here, but it isn't anymore for some reason for me... Granted, I can still access it in vehicle but sometimes I just want to do stuff remote
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    Ford Pass App on iOS remove charge max setting?

    Hello, Did the most recent Ford Pass App remove the ability to adjust the max charge setting? I could swear under Vehicle> Charging > Charge Settings I used to be able to adjust max charge level for different charging locations but now on the latest 4.14.0 on iOS all I see in that section is...
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    Question about % and kWh for charging

    Sorry a bit off topic, but to use the free Kwh from Ford, I can use the plug and play aspect of Ford Pass, correct?
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    Resigning from the DMG Club and forming The Green Goblin Club

    I want some brisket.... also, I didn't even notice the pony on the underside of the frunk, nice touch.
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    yeah, we are blessed to have most places we go, IE work, grocery, etc, its all within 10 miles and top speed maybe 45 for 20 seconds. We used to charge every night but have since started to just let it get down to 50% or so and then plug in at night, use the car in the morning and plug in...
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    I was tracking mine like a freak up until a certain point and then Fords system turns into a black hole - just showed up at the dealership waaaay before what the Ford data was able to show. I think that last mile of delivery is such a guessing game because its going on trucks and truckers are...
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    Ford Continues Alexa In-Car Rollout For Mach-E, Now Offering Personalized Voice Commands

    I figured out how to uninstall Alexa! 1. Start the car. 2. Say "Alexa this statement is false" 3. Alexa uninstalls
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    Not really. mine either looks 100% sliver or slightly blue, mostly in the evening.
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    Unusual rotor wear...

    But did you try? I'd be too scared to try :P