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  1. KadeBR

    120v 16 amp charging?

    My wife got me a 16 amp lvl 1 charger to replace the 12 amp Ford charger but doesn't appear to be charging any faster? Still steadily adding 1.3 kw a hour and not 1.7.
  2. KadeBR

    How low do you think it can go (GOM)

    Trying to get the record for lowest gom while still having a decent charge. -55 degrees here and I'm starting to think I got a early Nissan leaf battery when they started replacing my hvjb🤣
  3. KadeBR

    Another stop safely post - Service Vehicle Soon

    Tried to start car after work tonight and car immediately said stop safely now and service vehicle soon, couldn't put into drive at all and had to call wife to come pick me up. I guess the only question I have is do I contact the dealership to get a tow truck?
  4. KadeBR

    Gt Pe will be available here western Nd

    My original order has been built and shipped to Williston North Dakota if anyone is interested they also have a dealer down in Dickinson if someone wanted to pick it up there
  5. KadeBR

    Limit on Performance Edition?

    Just got a call from my dealer that they had to change my order to a standard Gt and that ford wouldn't be accepting PE rest of the year. Plus side is Someone just dropped there order that just came in Rapid red 2021 so I'll likely be getting that instead of my 22.
  6. KadeBR

    Can you give your EV credit to someone else?

    Was wondering, if it's possible to give my EV credit to someone else, with rising gas prices and expected to jump 30-40¢ in the next month. Debating about going full Electric This year, and I will be able to get the full Rebate for one but likely not the other. One idea I did have is if they...