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  1. bbhaag

    2023 GT, Only 3 years of BlueCruise?

    $200 a year has been mentioned around the forums. I believe that stems from an older article published by Ford in April of 2021. I don't believe there has been any mention from Ford on what the current cost will be after the 3 year subscription ends. Here is the link to the article from Ford...
  2. bbhaag

    Getting a new windshield next week, any advice?

    Seems about right to me especially for a dealership that is doing this in house. Half a day for the glass and another day or so for doing the updates that you requested. That's the big one IMO. If you have a lot of updates that could take hours and hours for all of them to install.
  3. bbhaag

    FordPass & PAAK use cancelled unless you give away ALL personal and real-time driving data ?!

    Thank you for making me scroll through all that AGAIN.......much appreciated.:rolleyes:
  4. bbhaag

    📄 2023 Mach-E Models & Specs Comparison Spreadsheet

    Hey don't quote me man. It was @KadeBR who was questioning the 0-60 times. I just provided the pic.
  5. bbhaag

    📄 2023 Mach-E Models & Specs Comparison Spreadsheet

    They did it a couple of weeks back if I remember right. Now when you go to Fords page about the MME the specs for the GT now has a 3.8 0-60 time. The 0-60 time for the GTPE is now 3.5. Not sure what changed but something did.🤷‍♂️
  6. bbhaag

    New to the EV world…

    This is exactly what I did for several weeks before deciding to pull the trigger on ordering my MME. Not just here either but on other MME forums to help get more than one perspective. Honestly it was the best thing I could have done. Not only did it make me more confident in my purchase...
  7. bbhaag

    Missing panel above fuse panel

    Yeah that's what is was for me. My inner OCD kicked in and I had to buy it. haha I did the same thing when I found out that my wifes Maverick was missing the fender well insulators. I bought them and installed them even though they didn't make a difference. I might have a problem....🤣
  8. bbhaag

    Missing panel above fuse panel

    My '23 MME GTPE was also missing this panel. I ordered one through Tasca last week after seeing this thread. It arrived today so I went ahead and installed it. I don't know if this panel really does anything besides adding a more complete look and feel to the vehicle but that was good enough...
  9. bbhaag

    2023 GT, Only 3 years of BlueCruise?

    Haha yeah, I can see it coming to the point were Ford or any automobile manufacturer will charge you MORE for the "Hands On" experience and charge less for "Hands Free" experience. It will be $50 a month charge for the "Hands On" driving which will give you the privilege of having a steering...
  10. bbhaag

    New Illinois EV rebate (4K)

    Yeah that's what I figured but I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask. I'm not low income and saw the notice on the website but ya never know...... Do you guys think that if I send in my paperwork now and more funding becomes available I could still get the rebate based on my purchase date or is it...
  11. bbhaag

    New Illinois EV rebate (4K)

    I purchased my MME on 12/31 and it appears that I'm eligible for this tax rebate but because the program has ran out of funding does it even matter? Should I even bother filling out the paperwork and sending it in?
  12. bbhaag

    My first hands free driving experience using Fords BlueCruise. It was awesome!

    So if you don't know I recently took possession of a 2023 Mustang Mach-E GT Performance that I special ordered back in August of last year. If you want to read more about that check out the 11/21/2022 Build Week Gang thread. Specifically the last couple of pages. Anyway, so after a little under...
  13. bbhaag

    Mach-E Appreciation Thread

    While I can't comment on any reliability issues because I've only owned my MME for a few weeks I can say that so far I really like this car. Only time will tell on how well it holds up but so far I'm happy with it. What I can comment on is my dealer experience. Uftring Ford in East Peoria...
  14. bbhaag

    The Mandalorian Start button cover for geeks like me.
  15. bbhaag

    “Drive mode unavailable” - ??

    Agreed, it is definitely not temp related. The other day I was driving normally to the airport(no aggressive acceleration)to catch a flight and got the same error message. Outside weather conditions were typical for Illinois this time of year. 45*F and overcast so not hot out at all.
  16. bbhaag

    Access to all cameras?

    I wish people would stop trying to compare the Mach-E to a Tesla.......If you want the features that Tesla offers then buy the god damn Tesla.
  17. bbhaag

    Grabber Blue: 1970 Mustang

    Here is a comparison pic of the same color on my '23 GTPE that I just purchased on the 31st.
  18. bbhaag

    11/21/2022 Build Week Gang

    Just a quick update. I was able to make it down to the dealer and take possession of my MME. Got there a little after 9 AM and was out in under an hour. Anyway, nothing but great things to say about Uftring Ford in East Peoria IL. No dealer BS and no hard sells for things like etching or...
  19. bbhaag

    11/21/2022 Build Week Gang

    My dealer called tonight and let me know that my 2023 MME GTPE arrived!! I will be heading down tomorrow to sign the paperwork and take possession. Talk about skirting in right under the wire before the new tax laws take affect.
  20. bbhaag

    Mach-e order issue

    Hmmm....sorry man that's a tough one. I'm not trying to be mean or be an asshole but the probability of you being shit outta luck is pretty high here. So realistically the resale value of Mach-E is still pretty high. Perhaps you can place a new order with the features you wanted and in the...