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  1. Whisper/Engaged/Unbridled "Friction"

  2. Why no Pet Mode yet?

    What are you referring to?
  3. Bluecruise Tesla accident

    I've only had phantom breaking in hands-on "Blue Cruise", but yes, applying throttle overrode it.
  4. Is MME really missing the Tilt-Down Right Hand Mirror when Backing Up to Park at Curb feature?

    Your chair and benchtops look a bit higher than the average curb, so makes sense that you wouldn't want tilt on reverse in this scenario, plus they actually show up well on the 360 view. My situation's similar. Doesn't mean it wouldn't be a nice in-menu option for others (or heck, maybe even an...
  5. 4.1.2 OTA pushes to Early Access Mach-E owners

    Hate to break it to ya, but no, you said two weeks I'm personally glad Ford isn't operating like a mom-and-pop software shop and treating annoyingly-slow PaaK as something they need to fix in two weeks (and therefore possibly break worse). Agreed it should be better by now, though (and it's...
  6. 4.1.2 OTA pushes to Early Access Mach-E owners

    I seriously doubt they're fixing all that in a single update
  7. Low-tech Failure -- Passenger Assist Grip Reattachment

    Is this a case of a very rambunctious AND persistent 10yo, or a really weak grip?
  8. New Year's Eve Charging Nightmare

    This. I was worried the federal funding would result in a further glut of slow "fast" chargers in urban settings that are broken 80% of the time. Fortunately, it's focused on highways for now, and has speed, distance, and uptime requirements.
  9. Coming from a Lexus NX450h+

    Regarding the ride, it's definitely not "fixed" in the '22s. I switched from a '21 to a '22 (both 4Xs), and while the ride was great for the first couple hundred miles, it broke in and was back to the same old bone-rattler. I still love it, but if you're after a smooth ride, a Mach E is not for...
  10. Model Y is now cheaper than a 2023 Premium AWD ER

    Will they SELL it for MSRP, though? When I was looking earlier this year, tons of dealers *advertised* MSRP, but call them up and ask what the ADM was on it, and it was far from 0.
  11. Diagnose clicking sound when plugging in and starting.

    Relays machine-gunning is never a fun sound (well it is when you're purposely trying to kill a relay for kicks, or to reproduce music, but otherwise no). I'm in a similar camp, where my '21 never did this (it had one, maybe two clicks), and my '22 never did until it got cold. Initially I was...
  12. Dealers discouraging BlueCruise

    SOME Mach Es let you correct it. The two I've had? Nah. It just fights you by recorrecting your correction once a second, until you either correct its recorrection enough that it shuts off, or you give in and let the machine drive a couple inches away from the jersey barrier
  13. We Will Never Buy a Ford Again...Nor should you!

    You hit it on the head. I bought a Ford instead of a Tesla because (among other reasons) I figured Ford's long history would mean when a problem occurred, resolution would be swift and painless. Now we hear all these horror stories about folks being without the car for four months, and Ford not...
  14. Possibly Facing Eviction; Advice Needed

    IANAL, and I don't know the tenants' rights laws were you live, but seems to me if there's an outlet in a garage that you lease, for your personal use, you can use it. If they eventually remove it or shut off the breaker, then you find out if that's a code/contract violation and go from there...
  15. Braking to a full stop is strange

    Issue was present on my former '21 job 2 and current '22 Premium 4x.
  16. Frunk Opened with Door Code

    Whoa, yet another thing I missed in the manual. And here I thought when this happened to me, it was a FordPass bug.
  17. Ford Model e Dealership

    This. While it'd be cool for dealers to have L3 chargers, it's about as necessary as dealers having espresso machines. I need L3 chargers on the interstate at rest stops, not in the middle of cities. If the Romans could build pontoon bridges 2000 years ago, you Hawaiians can do so today!
  18. Mach-E loses reliability recommendation

    Pretty depressing to see Ford essentially say 'For Bronco Sport, we did hardware recalls like we should. For Mach E, it's too expensive to open the battery, so we gimp power in software'
  19. Split-screen Android Auto

    Have you found many use cases yet? Weather seems duplicative, and I already have pause/back/skip buttons in current state. Is the music progress bar seekable? I could see that useful for some songs/podcasts