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  1. More Electrify America EV chargers are coming, this time at TA rest stops

    Sigh. Yes, it's his "right" to do that, but people who say that are generally a-holes. "Sorry, I have a really long stretch before the next DCFC and my battery is small, so I need every electron" doesn't revoke his man card, I'm pretty sure 🙄. Why is it so hard for people to be courteous? I...
  2. More Electrify America EV chargers are coming, this time at TA rest stops

    I guess this is one advantage of living in flyover country - I've only waited twice at an EA in the past 19 months of EV ownership 🤣🤣. And I don't even have at-home charging...
  3. Ford Pass icons greyed out

    Try rebooting your phone. Once you've done that, make sure your car is locked, then walk up to the car without a fob, and push the door unlock button. Wait a few seconds to see if it says Bluetooth Connected in FordPass. If that doesn't work, your PaaK connection might be hosed somehow and...
  4. Help! Not getting OTA, Ford OTA can't see my system,Dealership can't either.

    OP, I know this probably doesn't fix the underlying issue of your OTA not getting installed, but I am more than happy to update your car with FDRS, if you'd like.
  5. Plug and Charge start times at EVgo vs EA

    Yes, EVgo's autocharge+ does activate a lot faster than EA's P&C. I suspect it has something to do with how the billing is handled. For P&C, EA has to talk to Ford's backend. EVgo's autocharge+ handles everything in its own system - it asks you for your VIN and all, and you get charged by EVgo...
  6. Electrify America bug opens hacking vulnerability concerns

    Not sure if you're missing a /s at the end of your post, but Windows is the least of their problems... Also, not sure why this is news now. I've seen the TeamViewer thing about a half dozen times when I've pulled up to various stations over the last year.
  7. Winter Range Loss in Mach-E -- a more detailed look with some measurements

    How does having a large top and bottom buffer factor into temperature calculations? We're basing these numbers on the 88/91 kWh available numbers, rather than the gross 99kWh the pack has. Can the BMS "hide" some of this loss by minimizing the top buffer in super cold temperatures? Does doing...
  8. DC-Chicago Road Trip - Worth The Risk?

    I don't know about crime elsewhere, but carjackings have really gotten out of control here. And if it isn't carjackings, it's some idiot crashing into your car in the middle of the night. I'm usually not too paranoid about safety, but I definitely make sure to immediately lock the doors after I...
  9. DC-Chicago Road Trip - Worth The Risk?

    Hmmm, have I been doing it wrong? I only very-obviously fight over the armrest, not stealthily... Truer words have never been spoken. Make sure to find a good parking garage while you're here!
  10. EVs vs petrol & diesel: which is better in winter?

    That's true, but it's also nice to have articles refute stupid ones written - like the one that says fueling up an EV is actually more expensive than gas cars. Lots of people don't think 100% logically, and removing misinformation about EVs can only help its adoption.
  11. PLEASE PLEASE bring back option of full vs 3/4 screen in New an UI. individually

    I don't understand why posts like these bring out the "hate big tiles" gang. We're not saying "take away small tiles 4ever"; we're just saying we want the option of the old UI back. If you hate tiles - that's cool! Ford should also give you the option to remove it all. Choice is great. Sure...
  12. Car fault or EA fault?

    Hmmm. I've seen compatibility issues on EVgo chargers, but never on EA. Are you able to try another DCFC provider? Hard to tell what the issue is otherwise.
  13. Car fault or EA fault?

    Yeah, that sounds like a charge station problem rather than a car one. Anyone else on Plugshare report issues with those chargers recently?
  14. Car fault or EA fault?

    What was the error message on the station?
  15. Consumer Reports ranks BlueCruise as #1 driver assistance system

    Wayland's complaining about needing to "take over" for more acute curves is rich - Tesla's system (until very recently?) didn't even allow you to take hands off the wheel at all. I don't see what the big deal is, tbh.
  16. What causes fast chargers to go down?

    I'm only bothered by unsubstantiated "opinions".
  17. What causes fast chargers to go down?

    Great. And I can point to a ton of reports on Plugshare where EVgo and Blink chargers are on the fritz constantly. You can say all you want about what you think the problem is, but it doesn't make it true. Not saying EA is the pinnacle of reliability here, but let's not pretend problems don't...