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  1. AlpaChino

    New Teslatap 48amp alternative, Tesla to J1772 adapter

    ShockFlo J1772 EVs Adapter, Tesla to J1772 Adapter, Max 48A & 250V, Tesla Charger Adapter with Anti-Drop Lock, Compatible with Tesla High Powered Wall Connector, Destination Charger, Mobile Connector Note, similar to...
  2. AlpaChino

    This is probably overdue.

  3. AlpaChino

    My wife says I'm too aggressive on the accelerator. So we've compromised.

    Crofy 2 Pack Car Neck Pillow, Softness Car Headrest Pillow for Driving with Adjustable Strap, 100% Memory Foam and Breathable Removable Cover, Comfortable Ergonomic Design (Black Side Rope)
  4. AlpaChino

    2022 Volvo XC40 Recharge Impressions/Comparisons

    You can probably find a thousand review videos on YouTube. But while I have one in my possession for a second time as a rental while my own MME is awaiting a HVBJB replacement, I figured I would post some quick comparisons and observations. For reference, I'm comparing it to my 2021 MME 4x...
  5. AlpaChino

    L2 40a overheating

    I have a Grizzl-e EVSE with adjustable output between 16-32-40 amp settings, connected to a 50a breaker. I've used it at the 40amp setting for over a year with no issue. About a month or so ago I ran into multiple charging errors such as "scheduled charge did not begin" or "charging stopped"...
  6. AlpaChino

    🔥 PSA: AVOID 14-50 extensions! What you need to know.

    Before reading, please note that I recognize that I made dangerous assumptions and shortcuts that could have been disasterous. I'm sharing my learnings and shame here for your benefit. TL;DR: Don't use a 14-50 extension of any kind when other options are available, especially inside your home...
  7. AlpaChino

    I feel... Illuminated.

    For all of you waiting for your light up pony, let me just say this - it's worth it. Long story short, our resident innovator @supared was looking for a car to install a new lighted pony on and shoot an instructional video for the rest of the fellow Kickstarter backers. My job 1, 2021...
  8. AlpaChino

    Is anyone else worried about replacing a battery pack in the future?

    Maybe it's just me, but I went into my MME considering it to be a car I'd have for at least 6 years. Within the first year of ownership I've put 19,500 miles on it. More miles than I was anticipating at this point, but I have no regrets. It's been a great car for me and my family. I caught...
  9. AlpaChino

    Untapped potential for Frunk Accessories

    Seeing the new Rivian Frunk teardown video from Munro today got me thinking. Now that we are near summer here in NA, wouldn't it be great to have a few accessories for the Frunk to better utilize this space for cooler potential? The OEM dividers are a disaster. Most of us know the backstory...
  10. AlpaChino

    What in the blue oval is this? Ford supercharger spotted?

    I saw this image on tonight and the charging station pictured caught my eye. Is this confirmed in any way as real? In all of the promos so far I haven't seen this before, but it may just be some artsy BS by marketing. Have you seen this before?
  11. AlpaChino

    Wheel lock sizing? Recommendations?

    Has anyone purchased wheel locks for their MMR premium? If so, is there a specific size or brand I should be looking at? Thank you!
  12. AlpaChino

    All of my mods so far - Spoiler, smoked out taillights, more

    New vinyl grill, gloss black to match the other piano black trim on the premium. Frunk removed for emblem removal and reinstall. Also hex film over headlamps. Smoke hex over side indicators Smoke hex over front and rear fender reflectors, red stem caps Same smoke hex on all rear lights...
  13. AlpaChino

    How would the MME perform in high water such as this? [Video]

    I was watching this absolutely hysterical video of people thinking they could traverse this water (nearly all with completely dire results) and it made me think. Without an air intake, how would the MME perform? Mind you I don't think I have the guts or smooth brain to try this, but an...
  14. AlpaChino

    Windshield Recall - A really, really disappointing experience.

    [TL;DR: I brought the car in for the glass recall in great condition. Left with a bunch of extra scratches on the inside of the windshield, dealer is declining liability. Help @Ford Motor Company] Like many of you, I received the recall notice in the mail after already knowing that it was...
  15. AlpaChino

    Chrysler Airflow Concept car - Remind you of anything?

    I've seen this car pop up twice in my newsfeed and I can't shake the feeling like this shares so many design concepts from the MME, on the outside anyway. 1. The scoops in the front facia - eerily similar to the MME GT. 2. The stretched, narrow headlights - check. 3. The two-tone look between...
  16. AlpaChino

    Felt cute and wanted to share. Might delete later, idk

    I just gave her a bath and wanted to snap a pic. No effort was spent to compose the shot or whatever. This is the first pic I've posted showing the aeroskin applied on the hood edge.
  17. AlpaChino

    Wish those map lights could turn off? Learn this one easy trick in one minute or less.

    So we took the family camping this year, utilizing the fold down seats for a sheltered sleeping area, but those darn blue map lights... they won't turn off. Believe it or not this can make sleeping a challenge, as you can cover the screens easily with a fabric of any kind, but not so easily with...
  18. AlpaChino

    Preconditioning Question - Still charging outside of preset hours?

    As we move into the winter months more and more of us will be depending on preconditioning to maximize our effeciency before traveling. I understand that preconditioning happens when departure times are assigned in fordpass/sync. However, is preconditioning, while utilizing my level 2 charger as...
  19. AlpaChino

    I'm looking for a TSB comprehensive list

    With many of us heading to the dealers before the end of the year to address the windshield and glass roof recall, I thought it might be handy to have a comprehensive TSB list available as a checklist of sorts to keep in mind as we make our appointments. I've looked at the issues warranty recall...