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  1. Bram12

    Latest Software OTA Power UP

    Read somewhere that YouTube streaming was currently only available in US.
  2. Bram12

    How often to charge

    I bought an EV Charger Extension cable as I was having same issue with charger being on opposite side of garage from the charge port. With extension, I was able to easily run charging cable along ceiling and now perfectly positioned for where the Mach E charge port is.
  3. Bram12

    Electricity Costs Analysis for 2022 Mach-E GT

    Not the same detail as you but ChargePoint app does a good job in tracking local cost and energy being sent to the car. Here is last winter. Cost showing is Canadian Dollar.
  4. Bram12

    Latest Software OTA Power UP

    It was an issue related to Job 1 cars were they were stuck and not receiving OTAs. It was brought to dealership in January this year for updates and fix which they installed but this did not fix OTA issue. There was service bulletin in April about how to fix this. Dealership tried again in May...
  5. Bram12

    Latest Software OTA Power UP

    I have been getting fairly regular updates since late August. Before that I had issue with module running Sync so they replaced that in mid July. At the same time they also brought car up to date for all the modules. Was with dealership for a week to get all this done. Most recent update is...
  6. Bram12

    Canada winter range question

    I think you should be fine too. I have Premium AWD SR and worst GOM range was 130km after overnight outside at our cottage with minus 30 temps. GOM tends to be very conservative with range estimates and ER will give you the extra kms you need.
  7. Bram12

    OTA Priority Update 22-PU0727-VI-FXB

    Received the update on the 1st and when I saw it I was excited as I have not had Blue Cruise update yet. Drove 401, 407, and 416 and sadly still no Blue Cruise, despite this OTA. Job 1, Premium AWD and still waiting for my Blue Cruise.
  8. Bram12

    FordPass 4.11.0 is available

    When you are in the Account section, instead of opening the message center, scroll to bottom and open Charge Station and then App Catalog. Seems to have cleared the counter from 2 to 0 for me.
  9. Bram12

    Winnipeg to Vancouver route?

    Petro-Canada has put DC fast chargers along on the Trans-Canada Highway from coast to coast. IMO they are better than Electrify-Canada stations. Good charging speed and reliable. Recommend you download Petro-Canada EV app.
  10. Bram12

    Winter Tires: What are you going with?

    New wheels look great on your MME.
  11. Bram12

    Winter Tires: What are you going with?

    Interested to see what others are doing with regards to winter tires and rims for this winter. Please share. I have purchased Michelin X-Ice Snow 225/55 R19. Was looking for rims as well and just ordered some Fast Wheels FC04 wheels. Getting them installed at the dealership in a couple of...
  12. Bram12

    Canadian Mach E with OTA's yet?

    Recall notices showed on my app this morning. Separate notices for roof and windshield. I’ll talk to my dealership when they install my winter tires in a couple of weeks about timing for getting the fix done. For OTAs I have had a few since we bought the car in April but nothing since July...
  13. Bram12

    Frunk Closing Solution

    I also do the lower slowly and then push down I agree. Not sure slamming is the way to go. Bringing hood down slowly and then pushing down firmly seems to be working better for me and it definitely sounds better for the car. In any case manual says if you using the gravity method, drop should...
  14. Bram12

    Blue Cruise Availability Date

    Pasted a snip from a Forbes article published August 26th. Not sure if they are more in the know or this is author's best guess, but they are saying expect it to drop in Q4.
  15. Bram12

    FordPass keeps crashing - iOS

    I had issues with PAAK yesterday, also using iOS. Repeatedly just hanging on app opening with Blue Oval showing and then app crashing. Eventually I turned off my WI-FI on the phone and just used cell and then app worked first time. Turned my WI-FI back on and problem seemed to have been solved.
  16. Bram12

    How long will the Battery Last? Good article that should help ease concerns for new adopters of BEVs. Our warranty on Mach E covers us for 8 years and even then battery will likely last for the life of the vehicle given that...
  17. Bram12

    The nuances of PAAK for the Mach-E

    Appreciate the write up and the tips. Most of the time this works for me as well. One thing I have noticed is that I seem to have more issues with getting PAAK to work when at our cottage than anywhere else. Our cottage has internet but at very low speeds and wondering if somehow the slower...
  18. Bram12

    Got my first electric bill.... share yours

    This is our first full month of owning the mach e and still awaiting our first bill, but Chargepoint gives us some idea of what to expect. In total we added 1,701kms (about 1,050 miles) to our car costing us $38 (about $31 US). So some really good savings compared to a gas vehicle.
  19. Bram12

    Ford Power-Up Software Updates to Deliver Amazon Alexa, BlueCruise and More to Mach-E

    Ford Power-Up Software Updates to Deliver A More Seamless Amazon Alexa Experience, BlueCruise and More This Year Ford Power-Up software updates deliver regular vehicle enhancements to Ford owners, turning connected vehicle learnings into continuous quality improvements, new features and...