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  1. OH2AZ2OH

    Poll: Have you gotten OTA 4.1.2 (the UI refresh)?

    Vote updated. Got 4.1.2 today, also with no message in car or in FP. 4.1.1 delivered Friday, 3.6.2 on Thursday, both came with usual check mark on the screen and a FP notification
  2. OH2AZ2OH

    Poll: Have you gotten OTA 4.1.2 (the UI refresh)?

    I got 3.6.2 on Thursday and 4.1.1 yesterday. In the past, you and I have gotten updates within a couple of days of each other, so I bet you get yours next week. I've not been paying much attention to the forums lately - does Ford still only do PowerUps M-F? I hope to enjoy my tiled CarPlay for...
  3. OH2AZ2OH

    Frunk opens electronically: 2021 Job 1 First Edition Mach E

    Does this mean I could get a Lightning fob and use that to open the frunk?
  4. OH2AZ2OH

    Frunk opens electronically: 2021 Job 1 First Edition Mach E

    Same! I had no idea until I saw this today. I never use the door keypad, so this is only a minimal improvement for me. Even if the doors are unlocked, I have to enter the door code first, which seems.....odd.
  5. OH2AZ2OH

    Frunk button

    C’mon, frunk button. And in FP, since I imagine that’s how I’ll want to open it roughly half the time.
  6. OH2AZ2OH

    Strange Issues with Parking / Brakes

    These have a single speed transmission geared like the top gear in an ICE vehicle. The distance traveled per tooth is higher than you would ever experience parking an ICE vehicle, which causes a disturbing amount of rollback. Get in the habit of using the parking brake so you don’t stress the...
  7. OH2AZ2OH

    Has Wireless CarPlay slower to connect since summer 2022 updates?

    I've always had a lot of variability in how long it takes Carplay to connect. Recently, I have had at least 2, maybe 3, instances where I had to reboot Sync twice to get Carplay to connect. It always connected on the first reboot in the past. One of those was using wired Carplay even.
  8. OH2AZ2OH

    OTA Priority Update 22-PU0727-VI-FXB

    Installed today for me, too. Job 1, Non-EA. Still no frunk button, @Kamuelaflyer .
  9. OH2AZ2OH

    22S41 update

    For me, using FordPass on iOS, I can change charge settings for a location without unplugging. I've successfully done that with all of the recent Power-up updates that caused charge settings to be deleted. There was one glitchy FordPass revision where that didn't work, but Ford released an...
  10. OH2AZ2OH

    FordPass 4.19.0 Released

    Have you used the 4 diagonal arrows in the upper right corner to shrink the car image? Most of the information you want is visible if you do that.
  11. OH2AZ2OH

    Weird question I got yesterday

    Not so much a hater, but I had someone ask if it had auto stop start. She said she absolutely hated that feature in her ICE suv, and she was never going to buy another car with it again, ev or not. I couldn’t even come up with a response.
  12. OH2AZ2OH

    Can I specify a "default max charge level"

    Oh hey, I just noticed my app updated to 4.18.1 on iOS, and I can edit a charge profile again within the app, so it might be working again.
  13. OH2AZ2OH

    ford pass issues

    That's looks like a Ford account/IT issue. Your dealer won't be able to fix that. Don't hold it against them, they just don't have any access to those systems. The Fordpass team probably isn't the right team either, since the app is just pulling that info from Ford's servers. Ford Customer...
  14. OH2AZ2OH

    Can I specify a "default max charge level"

    Not with the current version of the app. I'm not 100% sure, but pretty sure, that I was able to do it with at least one of the previous versions. Sadly, Fordpass has some history with fixing one thing but breaking 2 or 3 others.
  15. OH2AZ2OH

    FordPass 4.18.0 now available

    I found one improvement with 4.18.0! (I hope I don't curse myself for saying that.) This is the first version in a *long* time that does close itself during the day. Not once have I had to manually restart the app to get PAAK to work. So, yay?
  16. OH2AZ2OH

    Stupid Physics Question

    Einstein was occasionally wrong, and quite famously in the case of quantum mechanics. But not here.