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  1. Giddyup

    [Video] MACH-E's BIG POWER-UP SOFTWARE UPDATE: A full tour of what's changed

    Thank you - great video. Update seems to address many nice improvements and leverage that knob function.
  2. Giddyup

    Parking pass issue - not working from inside Mach-E windshield?

    I got an alternative newer "sticker" that our HOA recently started to offer. It worked! Even from the inside of the windshield. I mounted it to the left of the rearview mirror (in the area with the black dots).
  3. Giddyup

    Parking pass issue - not working from inside Mach-E windshield?

    I am having the same issue with sensing through the windshied ... our gated community has the sensor for hang tag cards that we can use. So far, even putting the card in that shaded black area (see picture) is not working. I usually end up holding the card out the window (or the security guard...
  4. Giddyup

    So long, it's been fun.

    I have been following the E-Tron blogs for at least 15 months - test drove one about a year ago. I am a VW/Audi aficionado, but was very concerned about the problems - particularly early on. Some were very problematic. They had startup supply issues as well. I assume they have worked through...
  5. Giddyup

    Order Scheduled for Production Date

    My delivery date (FE Grabber Blue) was updated overnight from next week to 2nd week of March. I had spoken with my dealer yesterday, and he was aware of some shipping delays (due to the "recall"). I am in southwestern North Carolina - I don't think any units (customer or dealer demos) have...
  6. Giddyup

    Ford sends mass Mach-E delivery delay emails [Updated with Ford's response]

    As of this morning 15 Jan, my FE order still shows as not having shipped and still shows an estimated early Feb delivery. No email from Ford on delay as of yet. But I'll sure be watching for it. The trials of buying a new production vehicle. Possibility this is something safety related...
  7. Giddyup

    2021 Mach-E Premium AWD Road Test Review | The Cayenne of Mustangs [Autoblog]

    Interesting review. Great video in action as well!
  8. Giddyup

    Order Scheduled for Production Date

    Nope - not showing as shipped yet. But I will check again every few days or so. I am hoping that the dealer gets their demo vehicle in soon - I have never even seen one of these in person. But I am encouraged by seeing all of the positive reviews the last 3 weeks.
  9. Giddyup

    Asheville, NC area?

    Just saw this - I am in Hendersonville, and am working with Stott's Ford in Tryon. I think I might be the only order they got (initially at least).
  10. Giddyup

    Order Scheduled for Production Date

    Mine updated to "built" late yesterday ... there will probably be lots of "after holiday" updates going on this week:
  11. Giddyup

    Order Scheduled for Production Date

    Interesting - an update. I just went to my FORD account to check on things and I noticed that the build week of my vehicle was improved by a week - to the week of 12/13/2020. I wonder if there's now a chance of it arriving to the dealer (in NC) before year's end??
  12. Giddyup

    Order Scheduled for Production Date

    Original Reservation 11/18/19 I.D.# 10015166 Converted to order 6/28/20 Mach E FE - Grabber Blue - to be built week 21 December 2020