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  1. Bought 2023 MME prior (1/1) to recent price cuts? Let's unite!!

    Suggest as your first search source going forward. Much more content and geographical coverage.
  2. Bought 2023 MME prior (1/1) to recent price cuts? Let's unite!!

    My ‘23 GT was delivered on 12/22/22 AND since I ordered back in April, I received the private offer of $8500. Now I also get the $7500 tax credit! So no, I’m not going to complain about my ‘23 Mach E GT purchase given it’s ‘22 price plus the tax credit. Probably not going to order my...
  3. Latest Graphene from Adam’s Polishes

    I once had a ceramic or graphene coat behave this way. I was mad given the prior work involved. I called the company (wasn’t Adam’s though). They suggested I clay the car. I figured WTH. I did it and the ceramic was behaving like ceramic again. Who knew?
  4. Latest Graphene from Adam’s Polishes

    What brand of waterless wash? I use waterless wash with a 10 to 1 dilution as a Clay Bar lubricant.
  5. Latest Graphene from Adam’s Polishes

    For most quotes, the coating costs are not usually very high for the coating product used or the labor to apply it. Rather the costs appear high because of the decontaminating the paint/glass and polishing out any swirls introduced by poor washing/drying techniques required as a prerequisite...
  6. Latest Graphene from Adam’s Polishes

    What ever works for you! I wanted the least maintenance possible and was happy to front load with effort not allowing the dealer to wash the car and then performing a full decontamination before applying the graphene. I have a polisher/buffer. I only use it when necessary to remove...
  7. Latest Graphene from Adam’s Polishes

    Richard, Adam’s has a UV flashlight option. This allows one to apply the compound and not have to worry about high spots that would later need to be polished out If you didn’t catch them at application time. You can see the high spots and remove them while the compound is still wet. Enjoy...
  8. What do you think is the chance of 150k+ miles?

    If you cap your charges to 80% or 85% for the vast majority of your charges (DCFC only for long trips), this is a terminal vehicle. There are approx 3500 less parts than the equivalent ICE vehicle.
  9. Latest Graphene from Adam’s Polishes

    This is the advanced formula with UV light flashlight for application. Goes on and comes off so easy I decided to go thick. This is the result. Check out the reflection from across the street! Note I do not use Adam’s applicator pads or removal towels.
  10. Stains on garage floor from Mach-e

    Drive it around the block after you wash it
  11. Chart: Mach-E vs Tesla New Prices

    Thread title promised a chart! There is no chart. Just a boring table!
  12. Spigen Screen Protector ??

    A fair point! but I‘m using this more for fingerprint avoidance than actually protecting the screen. It’s not like an iPad I might drop. fingerprints down that low aren’t going to be seen much anyway.
  13. Spigen Screen Protector ??

    I’m going to contact Spigen tomorrow to ask them to make a new one with cutouts for the locations of the climate controls along the bottom row. It’s an approximation to a physical button that I can “find” without looking. before you laugh too much, they already have a cutout for the big knob...
  14. [Video] MACH-E's BIG POWER-UP SOFTWARE UPDATE: A full tour of what's changed

    FYI The software you showed minus the camera button on the top is what shipped with my ‘23 that I received on 12/22/22. My car was supposedly made during the week of 11/07/22.
  15. Spigen Screen Protector ??

    I just installed this in my darkened garage with the aid of a flashlight. The flashlight was key as I could see where I needed to clean and wipe more. Then I used the provided stickers to remove the small bits of dust left. The flashlight really helped! It went on perfectly and I obtained...
  16. Mixed results at dealer today on software updates...

    4.1.2 is not released at this point. The EA people who have it should not be posting about it as non-EA people can’t access it yet.