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  1. Apple Maps EV Routing

    I went on a long trip for the first time in a while, and used Apple Maps' EV charging feature. It was easy to use as it automatically added in the charger stops without me having to do anything other than enter my final destination. Once charging, it calculated what % of charge I needed to...
  2. iOS Shortcuts

    This is more just for fun than practical, but I stuck an NFC tag under my mirror to unlock my Mach E using iOS Shortcuts and FordPass.
  3. FordPass iOS 3.19.0

    Not sure when it was added, but the current version of FordPass has a toggle to precondition the vehicle when it is unplugged! However, I get an error when I try to enable it... I'm hopeful that they'll keep improving!

    Do the driving systems have a reboot command similar to restarting Sync? My departures time preconditioning and walkaway lock have stopped working within the last week or so. They worked great the first two weeks. I've tried resetting & changing my charge scheduling, changing departure times...