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  1. breeves002

    Mach-Lee's Mach-E Cold Weather Testing [Taking Requests]

    First of all you're crazy screw that cold. Second, YES TO THIS POINT! PLEASE FIX THIS! It is SO FRUSTRATING when I charge at my 50kW charger and it starts throttling for no reason!!!!!! At an EA station outputting full power I get 43kW at 80% but at a 50kW station I get 25kW at 80%. It makes no...
  2. breeves002

    FordPass & PAAK use cancelled unless you give away ALL personal and real-time driving data ?!

    Dan, thank you for the laughs. Finally read through all of this. Unplug the TCU and live with it if you're that scared or sell the car. Ford isn't nefarious, they're not selling your data, everyones made all these points but hell I'll throw my hat in the ring too. Enjoy the car, life's too...
  3. breeves002

    How To: Enable Power Meter on Non-GT Mach E

    They were lazy. On non GTs it doesn't actually fill the power bar up fully when flooring the car. They didn't feel like modifying it for all cars I guess so they just ....didn't.
  4. breeves002

    Mach e charging issue

    It’s not the dealers responsibility to educate you. It’s your responsibility to educate yourself. You can ask them questions but ultimately it is up to you to be sure you’re getting the correct answers. Welcome to EV ownership in the winter, good luck.
  5. breeves002

    How to reach out to Ford Regional Management/VP/ escalate Cases the BEV team isn't resolving

    Yeah the customer service sucks I've run into similar with some of the CSR case workers. They will reimburse you for the rental (with a daily maximum of like $35) AFTER you get your car back. Thats also a pain. You just have to foot the bill up front. They will even cover some fuel costs, etc if...
  6. breeves002

    Front License Plate Decal

    Yeah I was using my phone and dang thats tiny! Someone else pointed it out to me first but I had to say something haha.
  7. breeves002

    Front License Plate Decal

    Why did you cover your plate in this pic when your profile pic on this forum clearly shows it as “GO HOLS”???
  8. breeves002

    2023 GT, Only 3 years of BlueCruise?

    Yes 3 years free then you pay. Its because to keep blue cruise active they have to constantly update your in car maps and map roads which costs money. Your normal hands on lane centering will work forever, no subscription needed. least as of now lol.
  9. breeves002


    I'm pretty sure the vbf is needed. I added it as well. Keep in mind if you miss a file it will start copying it from FDRS. You can just stop it then copy the file manually that it listed then try it again. Once you get the confirmation to plug into the car you know all of the files are correct...
  10. breeves002

    My experience with updating my Mach-E with FDRS for the first time

    How are you going to get over temp warnings in a situation where the can busses are offline? How is the IPC/APIM or whatever else going to get that message from the various modules? Those various modules may not be able to fully understand the picture of whats going on because they've lost...
  11. breeves002

    One pedal drive (vs) Brake regen

    Yes I agree, I was not responding to the original idea, I was just responding to the hypothetical. I'm not saying coasting makes sense 100% of the time just the it is more efficient on paper. Just the facts, not the reality of every situation. Every driving situation is different and your milage...
  12. breeves002

    One pedal drive (vs) Brake regen

    To elaborate it comes down to a situation where you can coast and possibly pick up speed over regenerating to maintain speed. If speed is constant it doesn't make a difference. For example if you're going down a slight hill, allowing the car to coast to gain a few MPH is more efficient than...
  13. breeves002

    One pedal drive (vs) Brake regen

    I mean semantics aside I believe most people assume when you say "just losing a few percent" you mean a single digit number. Just trying to make sure the understanding is regen is not 90%+ efficient as you seem to have indicated. It is in reality about 60-70% efficient in most EV applications.
  14. breeves002

    One pedal drive (vs) Brake regen

    Sure it varies on load but it's not "pretty darn efficient". That was my point. Remember, coasting is more efficient than regen. In a vehicle you'll see more efficiency off of less regen and coming to slower stops versus maximum regen for a quicker stop.
  15. breeves002

    One pedal drive (vs) Brake regen

    Was reading this thread and noticed this on the first page. This is not true. CONSUMING power is very efficient but regen is not. It is between 60-80% efficient. Typically not over 70% efficient. The other is lost as heat in the conversion process from AC to DC to charge the battery pack.
  16. breeves002

    If EV's didn't exist, what car would you have instead of your Mach E?

    Model Y probably but man I'm glad I didn't order one.
  17. breeves002

    Aftermarket Dash Cam ?

    I personally like the Garmin ones which I hardwire in. Ive used these two in various vehicles...
  18. breeves002

    Random Deep Sleep

    Keep in mind LVB voltage =/= LVB SoC. Scan tool will tell you the SoC. Sometimes it can get confused and the LVB BMS needs to be reset. It's tough to know with the Mach E because the deep sleep is the only symptom. I have had erroneous deep sleep messages before too. My 2016 Mustang needs the...
  19. breeves002

    BlueCruise Map Update: Possible Solution That Worked! (Procedure Per Ford Support)

    It's inexcusable in my opinion. They can just say 'no'. Ford doesn't require them to do that for free. I just give 0% benefit of the doubt to dealers anymore, they have just shown how bad they are time and time again.
  20. breeves002

    BlueCruise Map Update: Possible Solution That Worked! (Procedure Per Ford Support)

    It blows my mind how many times dealers tell people they update the car before delivery but literally don't even plug it into the computer. Good luck!