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  1. Murse-In-Airy

    Paint match off? - spoiler question

    I think it looks pretty darn close. The problem is space white looks different from different angles, and the spoiler is at a different angle. I think the last three pictures look near dead on. The first two are just highlighting the different lighting angles. You’re being super sensitive to it...
  2. Murse-In-Airy

    Marital Problems

    It was an opposites attract play. The same but completely different. Just like the Missus and I. The black one got sold and now we’re just plain opposites.
  3. Murse-In-Airy

    Options/Cost for coating, sealing, wrapping black trim ?

    I’m afraid option 3 is probably your best bet. Or just dealing with it, which is sad, I know. In these winter conditions, even sanding, and then painting with good bonding primer and good paint, will chip off easy. I’ve mastered painting cheap plastic for interior pieces, but it wouldn’t hold on...
  4. Murse-In-Airy

    Marital Problems

    No we don’t fight over the MME because I went and bought a second one almost two years ago now. First his/hers pair anywhere. Now there are plenty of two MME families around.
  5. Murse-In-Airy

    Headlight updates ‘23 premium

    Whoa Pardner. Let’s keep it PG round these parts.
  6. Murse-In-Airy

    More Electrify America EV chargers are coming, this time at TA rest stops

    We’ve got one in Prebble NY. Half way between Syracuse and Binghamton on I81. A wonderful location for those of us moving around NY. Stations have been installed for almost a year now. No idea if they’ll ever be turned on.
  7. Murse-In-Airy

    Free Charging Sucks! Article: Here's Why Free Electric Car Charging Should be Banned

    I find generally agree with Mr Moloughney on many things. This is no exception. Seems like my kinda guy.
  8. Murse-In-Airy

    Frunk stuck on first latch (used PAAK) final Update

    Can we forever call this the “Stunky Frunky” problem? Please!
  9. Murse-In-Airy

    Need to buy: OBD II scanner / bluetooth 4 Dongle

    This is the Vpeek I ordered. I also paid the fee to upgrade Car Scanner to the pro version. If I remember it was $12.
  10. Murse-In-Airy

    Headlight updates ‘23 premium

    Alright. If @markboris says it works, guess I’ll have to learn Forscan. Off to find that thread.
  11. Murse-In-Airy

    Headlight updates ‘23 premium

    I really liked it on the Lightening when I had it. Didn’t know it was a thing in Mach-E’s until tonight. It just feels more refined.
  12. Murse-In-Airy

    HVAC issues in -15c and colder temps

    I guess from what I’m seeing here, I haven’t been paying great attention, or taking long enough drives when it’s THAT cold out. Add that we haven’t even really had winter yet in my neighborhood and I’ve been very happy. Predicting -20°F this weekend though. May finally be able to reach my...
  13. Murse-In-Airy

    Headlight updates ‘23 premium

    Thanks Neil. I was searching for threads particular to the headlights so I didn’t find it. Also searching “fade” rather than “ramp.” It if you got a DTC out of it, I guess I’ll leave mine alone.
  14. Murse-In-Airy

    Headlight updates ‘23 premium

    Do you mean “cut it off.” Are you an American pediatrician by chance?
  15. Murse-In-Airy

    Headlight updates ‘23 premium

    It finding it with search. But Thank You for letting me know.
  16. Murse-In-Airy

    Headlight updates ‘23 premium

    While I’ve been driving my rental Nero for a couple days, wife’s been in a loaner ‘23 MME Premium AWD ER. I took it to dinner tonight and noticed that the auto-dimming headlights now fade up and down between regular and high beam. This is something I had noted when I had the loaner F-150...
  17. Murse-In-Airy

    The Competitive Chronicles - The Grass Is Not Always Greener... (Tesla, Toyota, Hyundai/Kia, GM, etc.)

    I will say I have a rental Kia Nero PHEV today, and it has everything the techie needs around here wish it had. Heated rear seats. Auto tilt side mirrors when shifting into reverse. Dynamic power meters for power into and out of the battery. More comfortable seats with way more adjustment...
  18. Murse-In-Airy

    HVAC issues in -15c and colder temps

    Of the 3 Mach-E I have had or still had, heated very well at -15F without preconditioning.
  19. Murse-In-Airy

    Battery Preconditioning: Some measured data.

    In theory this will work. Turn car on and set a waypoint in Ford Nav to a DCFC station less than 30km from your current location. However, without being plugged in you’ll simply be using battery power to warm the battery. Depending on how cold the battery is, you’ll most likely lose more range...