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  1. RobbertPatrison

    Per Study, ICE fueling costs fall below price of EV charging

    It is easy to find out how you MME compares to an ICE car. Is this table and plug in your electric rate and the gas price you see at the pump. For example: if you pay $4/gallon and $0.15/kWh a Mach-E AWD costs the same as a 72MPG car. Such a car does not exist: the best is 50MPG for a Prius. 72...
  2. RobbertPatrison

    Consumer Reports ranks BlueCruise as #1 driver assistance system

    That is a surprising ranking based on my 10 months of driving BlueCruise. Here in the Bay Area with its busy and curvy highways, I have never been able to keep BlueCruise on for more than a few minutes. It gives up quickly. The main problem is that BlueCruise is oblivious to cars in the...
  3. RobbertPatrison

    Poll: Have you gotten OTA 4.1.2 (the UI refresh)?

    The update is a great UI improvement! Love the extra use of the rotary dial. Removing the useless the bar at the top made the CarPlay and Android Auto window larger, and that makes a subtle but relevant difference. Since the apps adapt to the size and the aspect ratio (shape), they show...
  4. RobbertPatrison

    FordPass 4.23.2 released for iOS

    Agree! When PAAK lets me down again the quickest way to open the car is to hit the unlock on my Apple Watch FordPass app. That works within a second, as does remote lock. Everything that relies on Bluetooth is hit or (often) miss.
  5. RobbertPatrison

    19 Cool facts about the technology in the Mach-e

    I also wonder whether the gps position data is from the phone, or sent by the car to the car. When I use the phone with Google Maps with CarPlay off it seem to work the same way, so I presume it comes from the phone itself. When in the car the gps reception likely comes mainly through the side...
  6. RobbertPatrison

    19 Cool facts about the technology in the Mach-e

    I did this experiment: cover the front camera and drive. Even when blind the dash will still show the proper speed limit in most cases. But is misses some updated speed signs that are not in it's database. After a while the MME will complain about the obstructed camera view.
  7. RobbertPatrison

    19 Cool facts about the technology in the Mach-e

    Construction: The rear hatch of the MME ER AWD is entirely constructed using plastic, so magnetic bumper stickers won't stick anywhere on the back. Rubber tubes along the left and right sides of the rear hatch act as pinch sensors, which stop the electric motor from closing to prevent fingers...
  8. RobbertPatrison

    AWD Motor whine

    Same here: a whistling whining sound at 30mph. It is gone below 28 and above 31. I have an AWD, but since only the rear motor operates at 30mph it is more likely the rear inverter.
  9. RobbertPatrison

    For those waiting on orders, what does the Model Y price drop to $52,990 make you think?

    Taking delivery of an MME Premium at MSRP now would seem like a huge risk. A Model Y LR AWR is $46.5K after the tax rebate, the M3 is even less. A similar spec MME is $63.5K, so depreciation of any MME at MSRP will be enormous once driven off the dealer lot.
  10. RobbertPatrison

    Used Mach E pricing dropped (Carvana)

    A new Model Y LR dual motor used to sell for $65600 before yesterday's price drop. Today it sells for $46,500 (with the tax break), a drop of a whopping $19K. It is comparable to a California Route 1 AWD extended range (MSRP $63,600), that now looks very overpriced. This means that all used...
  11. RobbertPatrison

    Tesla Slashes Prices

    The price drop in Europe is even more significant. In Holland a dual motor Model Y LR is now 54K including tax (so $43K before tax), while the comparable Mach-e AWD is 69K. Without a price drop Ford's MME sales will abruptly grind to a halt world-wide. I am happy to drive Musk-free, but the...
  12. RobbertPatrison

    PowerUp 4.1.1 Update

    I got the 4.1.1 update earlier this week. It brought no significant changes, except that PAAK appears to be better: I seem to get 90% success rate while before it was worse than 50%. Otherwise there are the usual minor annoyances with each OTA update: All my FM and AM radio presents were...
  13. RobbertPatrison

    CarPlay occasionally doesn't connect. How do you get it to connect?

    CarPlay reliability, Android Auto, and PAAK reliability have become worse for me as well. I have a suspicion it is correlated with how busy the BlueTooth on the phone is. With more devices connected it seems to get worse, and with AirPods playing it is even worse. For me, it does help to reset...
  14. RobbertPatrison

    60,000 miles Mach-E checkup: doing just fine and is as reliable as ever

    PAAK has become much less reliable for me (<50%), as does the auto-lock feature that is based on the same Bluetooth. I also get random 'no key detected' while driving. My theory is that PAAK's performance depends on how many other BlueTooth connections are active on the phone. The more goes...
  15. RobbertPatrison

    Ioniq 5 Temperature Control Diagrams, Heat pump.

    Compared to the Mach-E the Ioniq plumbing is simpler and more efficient. I did a deep dive on the bizarrely complex spaghetti of hoses under the hood of my Mach-E in this post:
  16. RobbertPatrison

    This is probably overdue.

    I was thinking of Musk-free
  17. RobbertPatrison

    Digital Rearview Mirror Installed

    I replaced the rear camera with this one, and the difference is literally night a day. Sun blowout and glare from rear headlights are much better: WOLFBOX Upgraded WDR Rear Camera for G840S / T10 Plus / D07, 1080P Waterproof AHD Car Rear View Camera I mounted it on the...
  18. RobbertPatrison

    Phone As Key - Does anyone's work consistently?

    PAAK is quite terrible, but I still use it rather than carrying the thick fob in my pocket. PAAK fails about 1 in 5 times. Sometimes I get the "no key detected" warning after the car was started. And when that happens the car cannot be shifted out of park, which can be pretty annoying. I suspect...
  19. RobbertPatrison

    Cadillac Lyriq - Thoughts?

    I managed to reserve a Lyriq last August: I clicked in the first 10 minutes that it went on sale and paid a deposit. That was before I ordered my MME, but it came first in April. My Lyriq is supposed to be built this month according to the Caddy dealer. I am in doubt whether to swap my gorgeous...