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  1. PLEASE PLEASE bring back option of full vs 3/4 screen in New an UI. individually

    That’s fine - I just genuinely don’t understand it and am curious. I haven’t heard / seen anyone use the radio in almost 15 years. I actually didn’t even realize the Mach e had a radio until right now.
  2. PLEASE PLEASE bring back option of full vs 3/4 screen in New an UI. individually

    what are you listening to that’s important to have live and local? I could think of basically nothing where I would care. Are you a big morning show shock jock listener?
  3. PLEASE PLEASE bring back option of full vs 3/4 screen in New an UI. individually

    I don’t understand why you would be using CarPlay but be playing audio from somewhere else while you’re using CarPlay
  4. A new competitor coming

    I wouldn’t say a concept car is a competitor or count on it ever coming
  5. I was only whelmed by my Tesla test drives

    It’s the interior for me. It just isn’t great. And the single screen in the middle is just such a terrible user experience. It’s fast though and the tech is pretty good. Also can’t go wrong with the charging network. Tesla just isn’t for me though
  6. DCFC preconditioning is it coming????

    Sad. But the built-in nav is still exciting
  7. DCFC preconditioning is it coming????

    This potential DCFC preconditioning that you guys have discovered - would it work with apple maps CarPlay as well since there is some integration with the car directly or is the integration only one way? Has anyone tested this to see if behavior is similar for Apple Maps CarPlay?
  8. Rear cargo cover sucks :(

    Too wide to even fit in the Mach e trunk. Still though, seems like something that would be easy to replicate with Mach E dimensions
  9. Rear cargo cover sucks :(

    I’m guessing not, but I’ll try later tonight and follow up to let you know
  10. Rear cargo cover sucks :(

    The outer rim piece broke in one location on mine. Had to toss it. Just got an ID.4 last week as our second car and the cargo cover they have is much more solid. It attaches in basically the same way, but it’s a hard piece and you can actually put stuff on top of it if you wanted to. I hope...
  11. Toki got new stripes today

    Not for me, but this is at least a clean and well done execution of the idea
  12. Ford Dealer Service Dept Refusing to Work on My 3 Month Car

    What build quality and dependability stories are you talking about? Just the HVBJB failure for earlier builds? Cause I’m pretty sure that’s the only one and it’s not related at all to what you’re saying you’re experiencing
  13. Mach-E Inventory Everywhere

    Where are you seeing this in DFW? I read your post last night and went to every dealer website in the DFW area and could not find available premium RWD SR Mach e available at MSRP
  14. BlueCruise Map Update: Possible Solution That Worked! (Procedure Per Ford Support)

    Ford support is telling people to key cycle 10 times??? Holy shit…. Just think about the UX even a little bit and build a “check for update” button on the software version screen. It makes zero sense this doesn’t exist especially given the fact that we know now the car actually can check the...
  15. Eyes camera couldn’t see my eyes thru my dark glasses

    It’s definitely not just squinting because I’ve also started wearing sunglasses at night / late evening sometimes when I don’t need them at all just so BlueCruise will let me put my head back without throwing a fit
  16. Ordered Extended Range Battery, Got the Standard

    Winter time on EV forums. “It’s the most wonderful time if the yearrrrr!!!”
  17. Eyes camera couldn’t see my eyes thru my dark glasses

    Thats weird because I’ve noticed when I wear sunglasses it’s not as nitpicky as it usually is. For instance, I usually lean my head back a bit while driving and it thinks my eyes are closed even though they’re not. But when I wear sunglasses and lean my head back I never get alerts. Maybe it...