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  1. Benjamin Kegele

    Bluetooth keeps dropping

    I stopped using phone as a key. Deleted it completely from the app and from the car. That made it work well.
  2. Benjamin Kegele

    back-up code screen not working - video with fix

    someone shared on facebook what to do when the back up code screen does not work. I made a video out of it. Anybody else tried that already? How did it work for you?
  3. Benjamin Kegele

    Watch Netflix or your own videos on Mach-E screen (How-To Video)

    Want to watch Netflix or a Video from a thumb drive on your Mach E screen? I show you how @Administrator, if this already was discussed, please merge or delete. I was not able to find a forum when searching for Netflix
  4. Benjamin Kegele

    MyKey - how to activate and how to use it - Video

    Have you ever wondered how the MyKey function works? You can program your fob or PAAK. This is specially designed for like new drivers so they have limitations with the car what they can do. Check it out:
  5. Benjamin Kegele

    Fabulous Dealership Experience

    Glad to hear all went well. Congrats to ur new ride.
  6. Benjamin Kegele

    bumper and trunk protector - video

    I wish they had this before I installed my ppf. I was looking everywhere but could not find it till now. Protector for trunk and bumper. I made a bit a review video. Great product. @Admnistrator, this is an interior and exterior mod, so I was not sure where to post. If post about this product...
  7. Benjamin Kegele

    trip to the mountains

    Just an update. Did the same trip yesterday. Left house with 100% 209miles Outside temp was 55 I had the car plugged in and running for about 20min before I left to have a warm and cossy and preconditioned car. Did not go slow up the mountain. This time I brought both kids. When we reached the...
  8. Benjamin Kegele

    New Power-Up -

    I cannot change my profile anymore since I got
  9. Benjamin Kegele

    Back Door Closing Stop Stuck Open

    I just had the same thing and this thread helped me. Here the video about it:
  10. Benjamin Kegele

    Charging port door dent prevention piece - installation video

    The guy who sold it to me gave me a replacement when that happened
  11. Benjamin Kegele

    FordPass Recommended Charge Times

    I have not checked recently but about a year or so ago I was able to pick my provider and the rates I was signed up for and then it would put this as the preferred hours to charge.
  12. Benjamin Kegele

    YouTube Streaming Finally Appears in Software !

    I received it as well EA December 2020 built SR RWD premium I made a video about the update