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  1. Guppydriver

    [Video] MACH-E's BIG POWER-UP SOFTWARE UPDATE: A full tour of what's changed

    Fabulous video as always. I'm looking forward to the new UI! Maybe it will help with my intermittent wireless carplay issues.
  2. Guppydriver

    19 Cool facts about the technology in the Mach-e

    The sure fire way to get wireless CarPlay to consistently work in your Ford Mme, is to take your phone in any other Ford that you own that's not a Mme
  3. Guppydriver

    EV Charger Risks: Home Charging Installation Risks and Advice [by Munro Live]

    Also... I'm about to order the Bryant recep on Grainger's site. I need a box and cover, and I've read that the standard Lowe's and HD ones don't fit. Any amazon recommendations on what will work ? I assume the box and cover that works with a Hubbell will be compatible with the Bryant. I only...
  4. Guppydriver

    EV Charger Risks: Home Charging Installation Risks and Advice [by Munro Live]

    Thanks @mkhuffman The good part is he HASN'T installed it yet. He was just in the area and stopped but to give me a quote. I just wasn't armed with this thread knowledge at the time, but now I can text him. I'm going to buy an industrial receptable for sure, a n.o brainer since I am saving...
  5. Guppydriver

    EV Charger Risks: Home Charging Installation Risks and Advice [by Munro Live]

    I just had an electrician come over today and give me a bid for Nema 14-50 garage install. Unfortunately, I found this thread after he left. I will text him to clarify that proper gauge and receptacle are included. I'm worried because his quote seemed relatively affordable at 1k. I think I may...
  6. Guppydriver

    TSB 22-2494 - BlueCruise Hands-Free Driving Mode No Longer Available

    Dang guys... My MY22 that I bought last week has an appointment in 1 HOUR for this year for this issue. Should I go?? Are all the problems with it messing the car up with the MY23's?
  7. Guppydriver

    Need Advice Pls. My Jan 22 order has arrived...

    Sounds about what I ordered mine at.... May 18th first day reservation. It will qualify for some of the rebate, it's just no one knows how much. The communication by Cadillac has been awful.
  8. Guppydriver

    Need Advice Pls. My Jan 22 order has arrived...

    Thanks for all the advice. They gave it to me at X Plan as promised , so I figured with the tax credit, I wouldn’t lose my shirt if I decided to sell when the Caddy comes. Thanks to all. One thing that irked me this morning though. HF wasn’t working so I looked and saw my maps are expired...
  9. Guppydriver

    Need Advice Pls. My Jan 22 order has arrived...

    Thanks... As far as my taxes..I have predetermined that my tax liability (about 60K) will be about 7k more than my withholdings. So the Mach E would mitigate me from having to write a check if that makes sense. Mine is a 22', so I am hoping they honor the X Plan deal. I have texts and emails...
  10. Guppydriver

    Need Advice Pls. My Jan 22 order has arrived...

    I was advised my (for my wife) AWD Premium which I ordered in Jan 22 has arrived on 12/24. I seriously at times forgot I even had it ordered, and it actually came as a surprise. I must have deleted the Ford emails thinking it was marketing for my F-150. I have been off the forums for a number...
  11. Guppydriver

    Mach-E Production Costs Increases and No Longer Profitable For Ford

    OR.... This puts pressure on an administration that seems committed to EV's to extend, if not increase federal subsidies. If I were an auto executive, I'd try to come up with the biggest loss numbers and loudest cry possible. That $7500 is a huge draw for a lot of people who buy EV vehicles...
  12. Guppydriver

    Farley: Ford to Stop Traditional Advertising For Mach-E & Lightning EV

    I completely understand the opinion of this being a net positive. But to play devils advocate for a moment…. It wasn’t long ago that people were haggling 10-20% off MSRP on their deals. I remember when I was looking at a Ram a few years ago, there were folks stacking incentives to get 20...
  13. Guppydriver

    One fewer Mach-E GT - Totaled

    Such a heartbreak. I'm glad your family is OK and no one was hurt. Maybe your next Mme will have some improvements , hope it's not a forever wait.
  14. Guppydriver

    MME vs. Cadillac Lyriq

    Do you have a retirement account? I see that you are a retired engineer. If you have or will buy an eligible vehicle, it's a great opportunity to have the federal government pay 100% of your distribution taxes. Immediately reinvest if you choose and then just pay capital gains on monies earned.
  15. Guppydriver

    MME vs. Cadillac Lyriq

    I have a purchase agreement on one for 65K. No options other than paint. It's fairly loaded. The only thing missing that most would expect from a luxury nameplate are heated rear seats and phone as key. They could have charged 5-10k more and sold out in the same amount of time.
  16. Guppydriver

    MME vs. Cadillac Lyriq

    Man… I really miss 80’s disco coke whores….
  17. Guppydriver

    MME vs. Cadillac Lyriq

    I ordered a Lyriq the 18th. I really like the dash and hopefully the tech won’t be delayed infinitely. To be honest, I think there is a shot I get my AWD Lyriq sooner than the Mme I ordered in January 2022 because I got in so early. If the tax credit is still available and my Mme gets in...
  18. Guppydriver

    There goes the perfect paint job!

    I'm sorry that happened to you, that's the pits. It seems like personal responsibility is getting harder to find in this everyone owes me world.