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  1. OH2AZ2OH

    Errant (I hope) FordPass messages today: Accidental Unplug and Charge Complete

    While charging today, I have gotten an Accidental Unplug message and a Charge Complete message. When I checked after getting the accidental unplug message, the car was still charging normally. The Charge Complete notification came when I was at 58% charge, well below my 85% target charge, and...
  2. OH2AZ2OH

    Steering wheel Skip track buttons not working

    Occasionally, the Skip track buttons on the steering wheel do not work. I exclusively use CarPlay, so I don't know if this is an issue with other media sources. It does seem to be Sync related, as I can still use skip/volume down combination to reboot Sync, after which it works. Minor, as far as...
  3. OH2AZ2OH

    Reflective pony on grill

    It’s a bit of a hack job, but not bad for $20 and 45 minutes.
  4. OH2AZ2OH

    The Nerd Herder is on her way!

    I figured I would share my timeline specifically in the Great Lakes subforum. Most of the MachEs are going to the coasts, which may resulting in some different timing. That's a guess on my part; as we all know, Ford's scheduling of these seems to be immune to logical interpretation. The Nerd...
  5. OH2AZ2OH

    Mounting Mobile Charger?

    I plan to use the mobile charger for my home charging. I will get something like this for cable management: How much does the "box"...
  6. OH2AZ2OH

    Columbus OH test drive

    Central Ohioans - Germain Ford just got in a Premium demo Mach E. I got to take it on a quick test drive today. No real surprises based on what we've all read 100s of times now. There was no front plate bracket on the demo or on the customer-ordered Mach E that was waiting to be picked up. My...