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  1. macchiaz-o

    Audio interview with Jan Becker about driver assist and automation technology

    I really enjoyed this episode of the Autonocast podcast: The crew interview Jan Becker. He's been working on vehicle autonomy since 1997 at Volkswagen, later on founding Apex AI and currently working as a Stanford professor on...
  2. macchiaz-o

    Poor nav routing, no traffic, charger availability, or weather after APIM replacement

    I brought my Mach-E in for service because SYNC would occasionally restart while I was driving. Mostly this just happened on hot summer days so it seemed like a temperature issue. In 1.5 years of ownership it happened maybe 15 times. But, the tech went ahead and updated many modules and he also...
  3. macchiaz-o

    NHTSA safety ratings starting to be published for 2021-2023 Mach-E

    I just noticed that NHTSA is finally publishing side crash and rollover ratings for our vehicle. The Mustang Mach-E achieves 5 stars in both categories, and it receives positive marks for including all of NHTSA's recommended safety technologies as standard equipment. These test results apply to...
  4. macchiaz-o

    Mach-E VLOG's Liv and Patrick made a quiet announcement

    ... oh and Goldfish sounds amazing in your Mustang Mach-E. Load up this video and check it out! CONGRATULATIONS @Liv and @Mach-E VLOG!
  5. macchiaz-o

    Alex Mueller: Achieve cognitive arousal with a giant pink teddy bear

    It's a bit dry but take a listen so you can make sense of this post's headline. Safe driving!
  6. macchiaz-o

    Weber State's Prof Kelly: Battery and cooling system service

    See how to remove and install a battery module, install the battery, and service the cooling systems of a 2021 Ford Mustang Mach E GT. This video is the fifth in a series about the high voltage battery of a Mustang Mach-E GT. Other video's from Weber State University's automotive school...
  7. macchiaz-o

    limited reservations of Mustang Mach-E GT PE open to Mexican customers

    Ford recently opened a limited number of GTPE reservations to customers in Mexico! Info and reservation web site: Here is the press release, translated to English with help from Bing, with the original Spanish release copied below: 2022 Ford Mustang Mach-E in...
  8. macchiaz-o

    Arizona: ADOT seeking public input for how/where to spend federal funds on EV charging corridors ADOT laying groundwork to develop statewide network of electric vehicle charging stations Arizona Department of Transportation sent this bulletin at 06/20/2022 09:04 AM MST. If you would like alerts on this and other...
  9. macchiaz-o

    Tips for stain removal on light space gray seats

    Despite Ford's "blue-butt" seat tests, my driver's seat appears to be permanently stained. Any tips for successfully removing this type of stain? I assume it's from a dye in a black leather belt that I often wear. (I've worn this belt for many years... But still, it's the only cause I can think...
  10. macchiaz-o

    Vehicle Health Reports -- how could they be improved to provide value to you?

    Have you ever requested and received a vehicle health report email from your Mach-E? Here's one I received last October: The email didn't report anything I didn't already know, and the links to "View Full Report" do not work... They just take me to this page...
  11. macchiaz-o

    Large Car of the Year winner, named by Women's World Car of the Year (WWCOTY)

    (Want more press releases? Here you go!) Mustang Mach-E wins Large Car of the Year award: WWCOTY Mustang Mach-E adds one more recognition to its list by being recognized with the Large Car of the Year award by the WWCOTY Mexico City, Mexico February 14, 2022.- The Women's World Car of the...
  12. macchiaz-o

    FordPass 4.11.0 is available

    What's New - 4.11.0 You can now download your vehicle's service history from the Service tab Continuous quality improvements under the hood of the app Keep the feedback coming!
  13. macchiaz-o

    Intelligent Backup Power interview with Ford's Ryan O'Gorman and InsideEV's Tom and Domenick

    This was an excellent audio interview with Ford's Energy Services Business Manager Ryan O'Gorman, conducted by Domenick Yoney and Tom Moloughney from InsideEVs. The Mach-E is discussed as a possible participant in the home backup power feature, but this would depend on customer demand and it's...
  14. macchiaz-o

    complimentary year of BlueCruise expected starting Q1/Q2 2022 for 21MY Job 1 Mach-Es

    From a new dealer bulletin, you can expect several OTA updates to enable BlueCruise later in this quarter, and you will eventually have the option to visit a dealer for these updates, as well. Customer letters will be sent later in the quarter to announce eligibility and timing. Customers with...
  15. macchiaz-o

    Ford Cuautitlán: a year of Mexican electrification

    comunicado de prensa original de Ford de México Ford Cuautitlán: a year of Mexican electrification November 4, 2021 | Mexico City, Mexico Ford Cuautitlán celebrates 57 years of revolutionizing the automotive industry in our country Ford Cuautitlán was the first plant in Mexico to mass...
  16. macchiaz-o

    Ford working on 5 Minute charging with Purdue University

    FORD AND PURDUE PATENT CHARGING STATION CABLE FOR RESEARCH THAT COULD LEAD TO RECHARGING EVS AS QUICKLY AS GAS STATION FILL-UPS Nov 10, 2021 | DEARBORN, Mich. Ford researchers have successfully completed an early step with Purdue University inventing a new, patent-pending method for charging...
  17. macchiaz-o

    Start, lock, check battery status, and more, directly from your Android launcher!

    Obviously you can do all sorts of things from the FordPass app. But you have to launch it first and maybe that's inconvenient. FordPass also offers a bunch of voice integrations with Google Assistant. To start, from an Android phone, ask Google Assistant for help: "Ask FordPass for my vehicle's...
  18. macchiaz-o

    Ford surveying some customers regarding the phone as a key (PaaK) update experience

    I'm happy to see that Ford is occasionally reaching out to solicit direct feedback from us. This email was sent to some folks in the program.
  19. macchiaz-o

    Blue Oval Charge Network Electrify America Charging Membership

    As @highland58 first discovered, FordPass app version 3.26 changes the name of FordPass Charging Network to Blue Oval Charge Network. I did a little digging and have not found a press release from @Ford Motor Company yet. However, I did find one new page with relevant information on this "new"...