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  1. Neil4Real

    Headlight updates ‘23 premium

    Manually as in just pulling the stalk and "flashing someone," right?
  2. Neil4Real

    Headlight updates ‘23 premium

    Thanks, Mark! Success! Haven’t seen it work yet, but not DTCs so I’ll assume I’m ready to roll! Thanks for teaching me how to read directions lol. Now I see how I just read @i8iridium instructions wrong.
  3. Neil4Real

    Disable reverse / backup dump truck beeping sound using 'free' PACM method / FORScan

    You can't just make the FORScan change and have it disabled? Seems lame that that isn't enough to just trick the car into thinking it isn't there anymore. Bummer.
  4. Neil4Real

    Headlight updates ‘23 premium

    Thank you, I’ll try this tomorrow! That’ll be awesome.
  5. Neil4Real

    Headlight updates ‘23 premium

    Worth a shot! Just save your info so you can revert back if it doesn’t work.
  6. Neil4Real

    Headlight updates ‘23 premium

    Here you go! I tried this on a 2021 Job 2 and it gave me a persistent DTC that I could not get rid of.
  7. Neil4Real

    Installed a Fitcamx dash cam in our 2023 Premium

    Just depends on what you're doing and if you need BT and WiFi to work but not have CarPlay come on.
  8. Neil4Real

    PowerUp 4.1.1 Update

    Little reminder, install schedule is only for inhibit updates, where your car will be unusable while it installs. This update isn't one of those, so it just does it when the conditions it needs are met.
  9. Neil4Real

    Shift System Fault - Service Required

    Have you talked to your Ford case manager? It sounds like the dealer might just be pushing you off. Did you ask about the TSB that @Mach-Lee posted that you gave to them? Ask about the 12v battery? You, unfortunately, have to really push your advisor.
  10. Neil4Real

    If you want your Mach-E to get OTA updates - the SOC of the 12V (LVB) must be at least 80-85%

    That's just the default procedure. Sometimes the headlight switch bugs out and turns the headlights on and shows no selection on the dial. What people generally mean is - turn the car on, turn off your headlights, accept the update. If your car is off, just confirm your headlights are truly...
  11. Neil4Real

    Installed a Fitcamx dash cam in our 2023 Premium

    Disable CarPlay from the phone side, not the car side - Settings > General > CarPlay > MME > Toggle off. Way easier and pretty quick, you can obviously search for "CarPlay" too instead of hunting for it!
  12. Neil4Real

    Power-Up Software 4.1.3 pushed

    What really sucks is I wasn't really getting the bug too much before 4.1.2/.3 and if I did, I could switch to my profile with the door button. Now, I get the guest bug all the freakin' time and can't switch out of it. Neither letting the car sit for a while or restarting sync fixes it 100% of...
  13. Neil4Real

    Ford Power-Up OTA Update Software 3.6.2

    Try resetting Sync, volume down and next on your steering wheel. If it is the day it installed, sometimes you get a few gremlins that work themselves out after a few key cycles and the car sitting overnight.
  14. Neil4Real

    Hotspot and Ford Streaming

    Odd, I've never heard of that being possible, but maybe it is a thing now. I have never been able to turn on my phone's hotspot and it shares the WiFi connection I'm connected to. It has to use cellular data.
  15. Neil4Real

    Hotspot and Ford Streaming

    It is just Ford wanting max cash! Most other vehicles have this - where you get in car internet connectivity for the apps and hotspot for one price. Ford needs to unify them. Just so you know, you're not actually sharing your car's hotspot by what you're doing. That isn't possible. You can only...
  16. Neil4Real

    PLEASE PLEASE bring back option of full vs 3/4 screen in New an UI. individually

    I still believe this was one of the driving factors behind the increased CarPlay/AA being fixed. The MME was one of the cars featured in the keynote and I’m hopeful they’re moving towards this full implementation that looks amazing.
  17. Neil4Real

    Don't Trust Your Ford Dealers Service Department

    This thread was a good read, but clearly ITT are people that don't understand this is WAY more common than people realize. If the dealer does the work themselves, do not go with it, but most outsource this work and already have a solid relationship with a local body shop that they use for both...
  18. Neil4Real

    Pairing Apple Watch with Mach-E and using for PAAK?

    For me, remote starting from my watch is 100% reliable, it never fails to start it, and way quicker. The phone always takes forever and rarely fails to remote start it.
  19. Neil4Real

    EV tax credit counting toward capital gains?

    How is it an interesting question? The tax credit has been around for almost 2 decades in one form or another, yet you cannot find a single other post, discussion, anything on people saying they've had to reduce their cost basis because of the EV tax credit. You most certainly would have seen...
  20. Neil4Real

    2022 GT HVBJB at 4600 miles

    That was pretty fast! Were you able to get the part number? I'm assuming there has been no further revision to it, but you never know!