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  1. Latest Graphene from Adam’s Polishes

    This is the advanced formula with UV light flashlight for application. Goes on and comes off so easy I decided to go thick. This is the result. Check out the reflection from across the street! Note I do not use Adam’s applicator pads or removal towels.
  2. HD Camera replacement?

    I have two Kenwood CMOS 740HD cameras installed on an ‘04 Thunderbird with a Kenwood headunit. the video quality is amazing! any way to retrofit HD cameras into the MachE?
  3. Items for MY ‘24 (add yours)

    We are one week in with a ‘23 GT and are really loving this vehicle! There are too many great features to list! As I am an engineer and always on the lookout for what would make the product even better, below are my suggestions for the ‘24 model year. Feel free to add yours below as well...
  4. Profiles and CarPlay out of sync - new ‘23 GT

    Both my wife and I have profiles. Each of us have a FOB assigned to our profile. We also have our iPhones attached to our profiles for PAAK. The profile function appears to be working fine. What is broken is that the iPhone selected in the profile is not the iPhone connected to CarPlay...
  5. ‘23 just received does not have 4.1.1 installed

    Any idea when the update will show as available? Seems odd a brand new car does not have the latest software or that it is showing as available. Sorry if this has been covered before. Car just arrived on 12/22. As such I am still “moving in.” I am really looking forward to the camera access...
  6. Paddle “shifters” possible? - to cycle through drive modes

    I was thinking paddle shifters would be great to cycle through the drive modes without having to go into the settings UI. Has anyone done this?
  7. Profile based settings versus entire car settings

    Is there documentation somewhere that specifies what can be profile specific versus entire car settings? for example it makes perfect sense that the profile would contain a seat setting (1,2 or 3), radio station and tone settings, etc. However items like charging time window per location and...
  8. PDI documentation for the Mach E ?

    Anyone have the documentation of what the dealers are supposed to do when the cars arrive?
  9. Cargo compartment cover replacement question

    Has anyone checked to see if any hard rear deck covers from any other production car on the planet can fit and attach to the Mach E‘s mounting points?
  10. Anyone install Alpine DVR-C320R Dashcam ?

    Anyone install in a Mach E? This one can be powered just like an AMPLIFIER off the battery. The one Ford sells on the accessory site powers off the OBD II port which I am not fond of.
  11. Drive Mode re-naming possible?

    Is it possible to rename the drive modes? Thinking Weather, Eco, Touring, Sport and Track make more sense than Whisper, Unbridled, etc. Touring would be the default. Track would only be on the GTs. Yes, I am borrowing this from one of my other cars.
  12. FNG question

    What month were GT orders placed that are being built in the next few weeks? my order was in April of 2022.
  13. To Frunk or not to Frunk. That is the question.

    I see the new Blazer EV from Chevy does not have a Frunk. Any ideas as to why? I‘m looking forward to the Frunk in my reserved GT!
  14. 360 camera on base GT

    What is the base GT missing to enable the 360 degree camera found on the lower trim levels?
  15. Terminal Vehicles?

    Barring accidents, are these vehicles one could keep for the rest of your driving days? Thought is modern suspensions will last a long time. Self driving will not happen for a long time and even then many will pass. Thoughts?