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  1. RickMachE

    Production increase, or not...

    I read the Ford press release about the price decrease. I believe that there is no new production increase for 2023. I think they simply wove the previously announced production increases from 2022 to 2023 into the press release. Thoughts?
  2. RickMachE

    Shell snaps up EV charging operator Volta for $169 million
  3. RickMachE

    Did you know there's a tax credit for installing a charger and/or wiring?

    30% back, up to $1,000 total. File form 8911 with your tax return. Didn't buy a charger yet? Buy one and file in 2024 for the credit.
  4. RickMachE

    22B28 Customer Satisfaction Program

    Yesterday I received a big thick mailing, dated December 2022, for this. It's the HVAC update, which my 2022 already received. Tells me I can go to the dealer until 11/30/23 for it. A duplicate of the mailing is in Spanish, and a full page showing both my VINs, because Ford goes off state...
  5. RickMachE

    TurboTax Deluxe plus State, 2022, $44.99 ($10 gift card was only 12/28)

    $10 gift card is gone, is one day only, 12/28. Now $44.99. Each year, Amazon puts this on sale for one day only, the absolute lowest price of the year you can buy this product for from a legitimate seller. TurboTax Deluxe plus State - lowest price of the year, 1 day only...
  6. RickMachE

    Electrify America says these charging station locations have been upgraded and online (posted 12/14/22)

    In order by state: Indio, CA site 100051 Novato, CA site 100009 Riverside, CA site 100629 Salinas, CA site 100625 Santa Clarita, CA site 100035 Turlock, CA site 100047 New Castle, DE site 100276 Fort Lauderdale, FL site 100260 Naples, FL site 100246 Tampa, FL site 100244 Albany, OR site 100060...
  7. RickMachE

    Auto Dealers Gird for Softening Demand Amid Higher Rates, Uncertain Outlook

    A survey of 1,000 dealers shows their outlook on the market is the lowest it has been in five years
  8. RickMachE

    Trip Odometer - it's not just a reset problem

    I never reset Trip 2 from the day I bought the car. At 4,346 miles, it said my efficiency was 3.0 miles per kilowatt hour. Today, I have 4,733 miles, and my efficiency is 2.5 miles. Therefore, in the 387 miles I've driven since the last time I checked it, my efficiency is 0.87 miles per...
  9. RickMachE

    Yes, even ICE drivers are clueless about winter MPG

    I hid the models to protect the innocent: I've looked to if anyone has posted something like this but was unable to find it. I have a XXXXXX. During the summer I get about 20-21 MPG. Probably get better if I wasn't such a leadfoot. But when winter hits and I have to turn on the heat the MPG...
  10. RickMachE

    Received gift from Ford: 3 years of TripleCARE -- TireCARE, DentCARE, and WindshieldCARE

    Just got an email - 3 years of TireCARE, DentCARE, and WindshieldCARE for being an early adopter. Nice gesture, clearly a follow-up on the EA survey that many talked about before we were told to not talk about EA... As a token of appreciation, we have gifted you the Ford Protect® TripleCARE®...
  11. RickMachE

    JuiceBox 40 charging station on sale today (Black Friday) for $100 off, $599

    Remember that you can again get a 30% tax credit, up to $1,000, for the charger and installation. We have the JuiceBox 48. JuiceBox allows you to easily change the amperage in the app and gives great reporting, all the way back to installation date. And, if you install two identical models...
  12. RickMachE

    Electric Vehicles Need More—and Faster— Charging Stations. How Do We Get Them?

    Electric Vehicles Need More—and Faster— Charging Stations.
  13. RickMachE

    Electric Vehicles Require Lots of Scarce Parts. - Is The Supply Chain Up To It?
  14. RickMachE

    Did Ford disable the ability to check update status?

    Log into Select Vehicle Dashboard. When Mach-E is displayed, right click and click Inspect. Click on Network tab. Right click, Reload. Today I get Status = 400 and nothing else. When I click on the Preview, I get 400 Bad Request.
  15. RickMachE

    2 day trip, massive data issues on efficiency in the trip odometers

    Took a trip to the Traverse City area to see some leaves, and drinks some brews. For the first time I noticed a problem with my miles per kWh data. Each trip I reset Trip 1 (Trip 2 is original to buying the car). Therefore, for the first leg, Trip 1 and This Trip match. Except when they...
  16. RickMachE

    Car Scanner app moves features to Pro

    On a trip. Yesterday app worked fine. Today every field in dashboard said it was available in Pro...
  17. RickMachE

    Early Access Survey - Review our updates and keep participating - YIKES!

    Button to click is unreadable. Clicking through brings up a screen with nothing to do. Emailing them gets bounced because it's "screened". So I called. Big cluster on this one.
  18. RickMachE

    FordPass issues - it's beyond time that Ford got this right

    Every release there's potentially something. Lately, the app shows info from a day ago. Just went to set a Departure Time, and after it spun Loading for a long time, it failed. Did it again, and it worked.
  19. RickMachE

    How many threads will be started, between 10/15/22 and 4/15/23, with a focus on range mysteriously disappearing?

    Vote in the poll, but then post an exact number. Poll closes in 2 weeks. Winner is closest to exact number. If a tie, winner will be chosen by Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock. Prize TBD depending on sponsor participation. Only one guess per person. If you edit your post at any time...