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  1. nvabill

    Happy New year - Mach E Now More Expensive Than Bronco!

    Since the tax credit is basically gone for all but the cheapest trim levels of the Mach E along with massive price increases for the 23 model year I decided to do a little comparison on the Mach E vs Bronco pricing. I picked what could arguably be the most desirable and sought after trim levels...
  2. nvabill

    **SOLD** 2023 California Route 1 Available

    If anyone is interested there is a California Route 1 AWD Extended Range in Shadow Black available immediately at Beach Ford for msrp. It is located in Virginia Beach, Va. 757-486-2717, ask for Emily Scott, she will sell it to you forthwith! This is one I ordered but will not be taking...
  3. nvabill

    Wow, 2 hours and 12,000 gallons of water to extinguish Tesla EV fire!

    Wow, this is crazy, I had no idea an EV would burn this bad or be this hard to extinguish, 2 hours and 12,000 gallons of water!
  4. nvabill

    Virginia Sold: Ford Mobil Charger - $275 Shipped

    I am selling my Mach E Ford Mobil Charger complete with everything that came with it, 3 months old. $275 shipped
  5. nvabill

    Propulsion Sound On or Off

    So, who uses the propulsion sound on their Mach E? I personally do not as I find it amusing to even have the option of making an EV sound like an ICE vehicle. Seriously, what’s the point, it’s fake at best. 😂
  6. nvabill

    Hazard Flasher Switch - Bad Location

    I’m curious if anyone else thinks the hazard flasher switch is in a bad location on the center console. When I leave my Westie in the car sometimes I come back to find he has activated the flashers by stepping on the switch. I need to come up with a fix for this. 😂
  7. nvabill

    Jeep Avenger

    This looks to be interesting.
  8. nvabill

    Virginia Sold: California Route 1 Wheels, Tires, TPMS & Aero Covers, $500

    California Route 1 wheels, tires, TPMS and aero covers complete for $500. They have 1200 miles on them with no damage or punctures. Sorry, no shipping.
  9. nvabill

    Think Your MME Is Too Common - Try A Mercedes EQS Then!

    For all you guys complaining that your MME is becoming too common try the new Mercedes EQS, a little more rare than the Mach E.
  10. nvabill

    Ford Mobile Charger - Everyday Use - Why Not?

    Prior to taking delivery of my car I bought a brand new Ford Mobile Charger dirt cheap to put in my garage on a somewhat permanent basis by just leaving it plugged in and keeping the one that came with the car in the car. My question is am I missing something by not having a permanent mounted...
  11. nvabill

    Tesla Stock Split - 3 for 1!

    Looks like Tesla shares are about to split Thursday morning, glad I got me some! Tesla, Inc. (trading symbol: TSLA) has announced a 3-for-1 forward stock split in its shares of common stock, effective before market open on Thursday, August 25, 2022.
  12. nvabill

    Shipping Damage - Were You Compensated?

    So, after ordering and waiting for 9 months my Mach E came in and had shipping damage. Not a huge deal but it's in the body shop now and I'm sure they will do it right. It appears that the rail or convoy transport folks hit the underside of the right front fender while driving on or off the...
  13. nvabill

    Cuautitlan Assembly Plant - Shifts?

    I apologize if this is redundant but I can't find the answer by searching the forum. Does anyone know what shifts as to days and hours are worked at the Cuautitlan Assembly Plant? Also does anyone know what the number of units built per hour and day is?
  14. nvabill

    6/20/22 Build Week Gang

    Well, that didn't last too long, less than 2 weeks and I got kicked off the 6/13 group for the 6/20/22 now! 🤣
  15. nvabill

    6/13/22 Build Week Gang

    No email but logged into my Ford account and there it was, scheduled for production week of 6/13/22. California Route 1 ordered 11/11/21 and now scheduled, anybody else?
  16. nvabill

    Elon Musk Makes Deal To Buy Twitter

    Will be interesting to see how Twitter changes in the future.