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  1. Power-Up Software 4.1.3 pushed

    After this update my flash drive music usb media inputs either don't work at all, or are very slow to load or only can recognize one usb input at a time. weird coincidence I guess. probably need a dreaded master reset.
  2. Is it ok to charge to 90%?

    I routinely charge to 100% except when traveling.
  3. 4.1.2 OTA pushes to Early Access Mach-E owners

    I've been wait listed for Early Access for 2 years and still nothin. Thanks Ford!
  4. New Year's Eve Charging Nightmare

    and therin lies the EV problem in a nutshell. not fun.
  5. ‘23 just received does not have 4.1.1 installed

    And therein lies the difference between Ford and other higher end companies. This should simply be mandatory for dealers to do prior to a delivery. But it is Ford's responsibility to mandate this.
  6. Would you still buy the Mach E today?

    I would look harder at the other options than I did when I made the two ME purchases. But I'm not convinced anything else is quite there yet when all things are considered. "all things" will differ from person to person of course.
  7. Happy accident at Ford service! I got the new updated SYNC 4A installed!! Non Early-Access

    I don't understand why Ford has to be so vague and sporatic about updates and the process. Just let us get the updates without all the mystery and runarounds.
  8. We Will Never Buy a Ford Again...Nor should you!

    the "dreaded HVJB failure" should be a full recall and fix by appointment. key word "dreaded". Ruins the experience of the car with all this "dreading". Just do the right thing Ford! geeze...
  9. Anyone notice can't use voice commands for USB media when Carplay is on?

    It will eventually work after disconnecting car play, but this defeats the whole purpose of the safety system of using voice control and basically you can't select your music on the media., and I need carplay on for other things. Plus, it used to work fine a few updates ago. Anyway just one of...
  10. Anyone notice can't use voice commands for USB media when Carplay is on?

    No, I am using Ford Voice to play flash drive media. Siri doesn't see it when usb drive is plugged into the car.
  11. Anyone notice can't use voice commands for USB media when Carplay is on?

    Up until a couple updates ago, you could use voice commands to play music on usb connected media. Now it just says you can't use voice commands to play media when carplay is connected. pain in the butt... haven't found a good way around it since the system won't let me scroll songs from usb...
  12. Wondering About GT Extended Range Dropping

    My GT in Maryland sees well over 300 in summer. Todayat below 32 degrees it was still around 270. I only use heated seat and steering wheel and drive a lot with auto pilot. I do expect it to drop closer to 235 at its worst winter days, but I'm moving to SC and hoping for a bit warmer temps next...
  13. We Will Never Buy a Ford Again...Nor should you!

    I agreee with the Op 100%! It's disgraceful and sad at the same time, but not surprising for the world we live in these days.
  14. GT Range

    21 GT. Summer as much as 334 but typical 280ish. Winter, well.. 230-250.
  15. Dealer wants to do "recall' updates and tire rotation

    well that's a pretty sad state of affairs isn't it... guess that's where we are these days.,
  16. Car is bricked! Need advice

    tough luck Ford. i agree with those above saying they should replace all these parts and not wait for random failures. the car is a ticking timebomb of a problem. it just is. not everyone wants to admit that, but it is true.
  17. Defective Hubbell 14-50 ??

    Don't get Lectron don't buy local cheap buy Hubbell. no wait don't buy hubble buy bryant. What a bum steer....
  18. GPS no longer working? Car thinks I am miles away and going the opposite direction!

    Happened to me. After walking away for a while and trying later it went back to normal.