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  1. I'm Done - 2023 Powertrain & High Voltage Battery Failure

    That sucks. Good Luck with your Tesla. My coworkers Model S on his 3rd motor in the last 4 months.
  2. Mach-E quarks

    Didn't know that, thanks.
  3. Mach-E quarks

    Since you use your iPhone as a key make sure that each iPhone is assigned to the correct driver profile. It wasn't intuitive when I setup mine the first time. The profile selector on the door is a quick way to change profiles vs using the big screen. Profiles are far from perfect, accept that...
  4. FordPass Not Responding today

    Yep noticing the same thing. Each time I look at my car I have to tell it to charge to 100%....location is set to 90%.
  5. Phone key speed

    Depends. If I am in a hurry - C If my phone is in my front pocket or hand - B If its raining - D If I am walking slowly - A If my phone is in my back pocket - D If I walk past my car not intending to get in - A iPhone 12 Pro
  6. After Two Years and 30,000 Miles... Long Term Owner Review

    Great write up. Thanks for sharing. This one caught my attention.." TWO YEARS LATER, my car still reverts to Guest Profile every time I remote start. " EVERYTIME?!?!
  7. Free Public Level 2 Charging Etiquette

    On the chargepoint app they specify if they are or are not. When you click on a station middle of the screen above the "Start Charge" button is will say Shared Power. This works great when there is ample power but the one by me is a 32 amp shared power so two people plugged in you a little at...
  8. Free Public Level 2 Charging Etiquette

    These are private chargers for the employees to use at these two locations.
  9. Free Public Level 2 Charging Etiquette

    Funny, that's how it is at one office at work. We have 4 chargers and about 8 EV\PHEV's and people plugin and charge but leave the car there all day. Whereas at another site we have 2 chargers and people are much more considerate. They all communicate when they are done, or if anyone really...
  10. Free Public Level 2 Charging Etiquette

    I appreciate everyone's insight and views. It really seems like the easiest solution for all this is a sign with rules. 😂 As most of you pointed out these free chargers draw people in who park their car and walk what ever distance for their $5-$10 because they are entitled. I felt more...
  11. Poll - How do you take cosmetic care of your Mach-E?

    Ceramic and home wash only. Seen too many stories of people losing the charging port door cover and that front battery cover.
  12. Free Public Level 2 Charging Etiquette

    The free charger at my building is broken but our building across the street also has a charger. They are public chargers for anyone to use but typically employees in the area will be charging all day every day. The guy who took my charger worked at a car dealership a few blocks away so he...
  13. Free Public Level 2 Charging Etiquette

    What is the proper etiquette for free public chargers with no posted time limit? In the town I work we have a handful of free public chargers. Some have posted time limits and others don't. After I had been charging for 3ish hours (@70%) someone decided I was done unplugging me and plugged in...
  14. Charging Interruption Notification?

    Now you are on to something. If connected to bluetooth don't notify. I found the securialerts to be very useful when you take the car in for service. You can tell when they start working on it. I started doing this after I took it in once and a whole day went by and they didn't touch it.
  15. Charging Interruption Notification?

    I know what you mean about pushing the button to stop but a simple push notification when charging starts\stop would be a nice option to have. In a perfect world it would be nice to be able to enable\disable notifications on a location basis.
  16. Charging Interruption Notification?

    Never had someone steal my actively charging car but today it happened. Some jerk Tesla driver pulled into the spot next to me walked over to my car took the plug and plugged in his car. (we have cameras in the lot). I just happen to look at my ford pass app and noticed it was not charging...
  17. Struggling to charge

    Post your VIN here and see if your car has the needed DCFC update
  18. Struggling to charge

    What do the chargers look like? The new DC fast chargers they installed at work for me and others installed along the freeway by CalTrans didn't work on my car until I got an OTA update installed. Let me find the post and I will link to it. See this post...