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  1. Illinois I have a set of Pirelli tires from a GTPE(LIKE NEW)-updated(3/17/23)

    im off all day friday so anytime will work for me.
  2. Illinois I have a set of Pirelli tires from a GTPE(LIKE NEW)-updated(3/17/23)

    Not a problem. can meet friday, Saturday or sunday next weekend. DM me to hash out further details.
  3. Criteria for your Next EV?

    must have a heat pump for heating and cooling.
  4. You thought the Mach E’s location was off

    I had an i4 for 4months. this was a consistent awful issue. Traded that in for my silver GTPE. haven't had this issues once with the ford.
  5. Questions on the battery life, extended warranty, and when to sell

    HVB will probably be ok. The HVBJB is the biggest concern I have with longevity. I suppose if it continues to be a major issue after the most recent revisions it might be covered by some sort of good will extended warranty.
  6. Tesla to open ~20% of U.S. Superchargers to all EVs by end of 2024

    Might have better luck than EA chargers give Teslas tend to be al lot more reliable.
  7. GTPE would you buy it again?

    Yes I would and Yes I did... Bought my wife a GTPE December of 2021 and I just bought my self a lightly used one 2 weeks ago. We are a two GTPE household now. Will hold on to these until next gen comes out. both have been trouble free from day one. each have 10k miles on them.
  8. Poll: Have you gotten OTA 4.1.2 (the UI refresh)?

    My wife and on both late lat 2021 GTPE, hers is on 3.6.2 since mid jan and mine on 3.6.1 still. good times over here.
  9. Official: $3.5B Ford LFP Battery Plant Coming to Michigan. Mach-E Receives LFP Batteries This Year! [ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    Not sure this is a win. Especially in cold climates. They perform much worse in cold climates and weigh significantly more also reducing range. No chance these are put in GTs since their power output is quite a bit less. Design doesnt look great for cooling? They do allow to be charged to 100%...
  10. If you want your Mach-E to get OTA updates - the SOC of the 12V (LVB) must be at least 80-85%

    the app give the recommendation to charge to 90% percent daily and ive received multiple emails over the year saying to charge to 90%. owners manual isn't the only place for this information.
  11. A mile of extra wire

    yup meant the model S, but as you noted model3 is also hitting that been around for a long time look too. but I understand there is supposed to be an update coming soon to that
  12. A mile of extra wire

    yet some how Tesla lack the ability to produce new models in reasonable time frames. model 3 is 10yrs old although it has under the hood changes. I see this as a major hurtle for Tesla. their design is getting boring. They will eventually run out of buyers. when is TBD.
  13. A mile of extra wire

    300 per battery at 50000 units is 15mil. not chump change. all those inefficiencies add up to big dollars. I expect things to be better with the 2nd gen and plan on grabbing one when they are released.
  14. Used mach-E Purchase Thread

    There was a lot of turn over in the ev space do you resale value last year. Also possible the owners didn’t do their research and the range limitations didn’t work for them. 49k is a good price for 22 from what I’ve seen. Are there a bunch of service visits? That would be a red flag.
  15. Used mach-E Purchase Thread

    When I linked the car to my account and enrolled it in blueOval charge network it is showing 500kWh balance. It must of transferred with the car and still has an expiration date of 2yrs from the the vehicle was put in service(10/24/23). my wife's car has about 300kWh remaining so its not from...
  16. Used mach-E Purchase Thread

    premium is a lot nicer and has a lot more comfort features than the select. you will enjoy it
  17. ICONIC SILVER Mach-E Club

    Joined the IS club yesterday. Windows were arlready tinted and D-badged the MACHE4X on the sides.