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  1. ridgebackpilot

    My All-Electric Ford Stable

    Having acquired two MMEs last year (Premium & GTPE), when I could still get the tax credits, I thought it was time to complete the stable with a Lightning. I had a Rivian on order from mid-2022, but with their production delays and capital burn, I was reluctant to continue waiting for a truck...
  2. ridgebackpilot

    US News: Mach-E v. Tesla Model Y Head to Head!

    Check out this story from US News. They compare the Mustang Mach-E with the Tesla Model Y head-to-head. Their story strikes me as a fair comparison and I liked their choice of the winner!
  3. ridgebackpilot

    Still No Pet Mode?!

    This week, Tesla released an OTA update that enables drivers to activate both Dog Mode and Sentry Mode simultaneously. Our MMEs still have neither feature! For those who've never owned a Tesla, Dog Mode keeps the climate control system active at the current set interior temperature and puts a...
  4. ridgebackpilot

    JD Power: MME "Least Reliable New Car"

    Check out this article published in U.S. News on the 14 least reliable new cars in the USA. The MME tops the list!! However, the article also points out that "you’ll be hard-pressed to find any other glaring faults with this sporty electric crossover".
  5. ridgebackpilot

    Anyone Else Place Last-Minute EV Orders to Lock In $7,500 Tax Credit?

    Because my income is too high to qualify for the Federal tax credit under the Inflation Reduction Act, and 70 percent of EVs currently on the market likely won't qualify either, I placed a couple of written, binding purchase orders this weekend. Under the transition provisions of the bill (pp...
  6. ridgebackpilot

    EA Chargers Need Work

    My wife called today, having taken our 2022 MME Premium on a road trip in California. She stopped at an Electrify America charger but couldn't get it to work. She tried multiple stations, both plug & charge and initiating charge with the EA app. Nothing worked; the car either timed out or the...
  7. ridgebackpilot

    2022 Mach-E GT Performance Edition Sets Barrett-Jackson Daily Auction Record @ $113,300

    A 2022 GTPE set the daily auction record today at Barrett-Jackson in Las Vegas. This should make us all feel better about what we paid for our cars!
  8. ridgebackpilot

    Ford, GM Make Stronger Push to Stop Flipping, Price Gouging of Popular Models

    Interesting Car & Driver article on automakers pushing back against dealers charging ADM and customers flipping new EVs. The article suggests ADM is applied only by a minority of dealerships, which isn't true here in northern California. Here, the vast majority of dealers mark up the MME and...
  9. ridgebackpilot

    The Mercedes EQXX Looks Strangely Familiar

    The new Mercedes EQXX concept car looks oddly familiar…!
  10. ridgebackpilot

    North Dakota to California in a GTPE!

    Today I picked up my new 2022 GTPE at Red Rock Ford in Williston, SD. My report on the pleasant experience I enjoyed there can be fond in the 06/27/22 Build Week thread. The problem is driving my new car back to the central coast of California. There are very few DC fast chargers or Level 2...
  11. ridgebackpilot

    GTPE Max Range Tips?

    Anyone care to share their tips for maximizing the range in my GTPE? My car is being delivered next week at a relatively remote dealership far from Level 2 or 3 chargers. I'm going to need to do the first charge overnight at a KOA campground using one of their 50 amp hookups. So I'm looking...
  12. ridgebackpilot

    Warning Labels on Gas Pumps

    Seen in Cambridge, MA this week:
  13. ridgebackpilot

    More than a Third of Americans Would Buy EVs

    According to the attached article, a Consumer Reports survey found that more Americans want EVs—even though many aren't aware of tax incentives that could save them thousands off the sticker price.
  14. ridgebackpilot

    New Mexico Building Statewide EV Chargers

    I thought those of you who live in or frequent New Mexico might like to read the attached article from the Associated Press.
  15. ridgebackpilot

    Current Ford Options Rates

    Today I inquired with a Ford dealer in Oregon regarding the current rates and incentives available for financing the 2022 Mach-E through the Ford Options program. The dealer seemed confused as they've apparently never done a Ford Options contract before. He sent me the attached rate sheet dated...
  16. ridgebackpilot

    Buying Out of State with Ford Options

    I may have the opportunity to purchase a new GTPE from a dealership in another state. But I have some questions before I proceed: I assume I'll be charged sales tax in my home county rather than the city where the car is sold? Will the out-of-state dealership register the car for me in my state...
  17. ridgebackpilot

    Bay Area Hotels with Free Charging

    I travel a lot in the Bay Area and stay at different hotels each month. I usually drive my MME or Tesla Model 3, so I favor hotels that have EV charging. Some of them don't apply a fee for Level 2 charging. I thought it might be useful to start a thread on this, in case anyone else is planning a...
  18. ridgebackpilot

    When Will Ford Give Us Pet Mode?!

    Ford announced Pet Mode six months ago. So where is it? For those of us with dogs, Pet Mode is a critical update. When I run errands with my dogs, I have to take my Tesla Model 3, which came with Dog Mode two years ago. In that car, I activate Dog Mode by voice command and it keeps the climate...
  19. ridgebackpilot

    Best Dog Rear Seat Cover

    After what seems like a lifetime of searching, I finally found the best dog seat cover on the market. Yes, you can find cheaper seat covers, but none fit or protect as well as this one. The PetSafe Happy Ride Quilted Dog Seat Cover fits the Mustang Mach-E back seat like a glove. I've literally...
  20. ridgebackpilot

    MME #3 in US 1st Quarter EV Sales

    According to this report, the Mach-E was #3 in US sales for the 1st Quarter of 2022, behind the Tesla Model Y and Model 3, but slightly ahead of the Model X!