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  1. Benjamin Kegele

    back-up code screen not working - video with fix

    someone shared on facebook what to do when the back up code screen does not work. I made a video out of it. Anybody else tried that already? How did it work for you?
  2. Benjamin Kegele

    Watch Netflix or your own videos on Mach-E screen (How-To Video)

    Want to watch Netflix or a Video from a thumb drive on your Mach E screen? I show you how @Administrator, if this already was discussed, please merge or delete. I was not able to find a forum when searching for Netflix
  3. Benjamin Kegele

    MyKey - how to activate and how to use it - Video

    Have you ever wondered how the MyKey function works? You can program your fob or PAAK. This is specially designed for like new drivers so they have limitations with the car what they can do. Check it out:
  4. Benjamin Kegele

    bumper and trunk protector - video

    I wish they had this before I installed my ppf. I was looking everywhere but could not find it till now. Protector for trunk and bumper. I made a bit a review video. Great product. @Admnistrator, this is an interior and exterior mod, so I was not sure where to post. If post about this product...
  5. Benjamin Kegele

    seat belt pillar protection

    Check out the seat belt pillar protection installation video. What do you think about it?
  6. Benjamin Kegele

    Alexa does not connect - what am I doing wrong?

    why is Alexa not connecting? what am I doing wrong? I forgot to mention, it appears on fordpass that Alexa is active....
  7. Benjamin Kegele

    Temporary fix for faulty ford charger

    Hi everyone, First up front. This topic is not about, if I should buy a different charger or not. This is just to show that there is a temporary fix till you got a decision from the dealer. I am in process of proofing my ford dealer that my charger is faulty. Almost every time after a while in...
  8. Benjamin Kegele

    WeberAuto Mach-E GT motor video

    What a good find
  9. Benjamin Kegele

    Going through all the screen settings - video

    In this video I go through all the settings. In the video description I refer to several short clips which go more into the detail about certain settings. Check it out.
  10. Benjamin Kegele


    it fits nice, easy install, What do you think?
  11. Benjamin Kegele

    Trunk door allignment adjustment - how to do it

    My trunk is hitting in the left side the pinted panel and starts rubbing the paint off. A year ago I asked the dealer about allignment adjustment, they said there is not much which can be done. Is there anything I can do diy and how would I do it?
  12. Benjamin Kegele

    marking tow points, covering battery rail holes, labelling - video

    I added some tow point stickers and closed the battery rail holes, what do you think, did I forget something?
  13. Benjamin Kegele

    De-energizing High Voltage System - by Weber State Auto

    Did I miss the post about this video If so delete this one
  14. Benjamin Kegele

    Dealer Visits are fun, or not?

    some of you remember that I had a charger issue to refresh the memory: Ford supplied charger acting up - what to do | MachEforum - Ford Mustang Mach-E Forum, News, Owners, Discussions ) I had posted this issue and @Ford Motor Company reached out to me which I thought is pretty awesome. They...
  15. Benjamin Kegele

    High Voltage Components - Weber State auto youtube channel

    I just found this video. Shows everything about the battery components. What do you think? @Administrator please delete, if already posted
  16. Benjamin Kegele

    steering wheel trim - carbon fiber look - Video

    what do you think of the steering wheel trim?
  17. Benjamin Kegele

    OTA Update - brake pedal feel - 22S41 & 22S29 recalls for overheated contactor and software glitch

    I received today a bigger Over the air update, so I made a video out of it. @Administrator, I understand that there are several posts about this update, feel free to combine it in the most relevant topic
  18. Benjamin Kegele

    Stick on Eyebrows - Video

    I installed the Eyebrows. I think they add a good touch to the car: What do you think?