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  1. RyZt

    What connectivity does the sharkfin antenna provide?

    My garage door malfunctioned, and I backed into it without realizing that it didn't open fully. Luckily, my car sustained almost no damage, except that the sharkfin antenna is ripped off. The sharkfin is also intact, and appears to sustain no damage. The metal piece that holds the sharkfin is...
  2. RyZt

    TSB 21-2369 (glass roof wind noise) no longer necessary after roof glass and windshield recall?

    I took my Mach E in for the first time today, to address a few recalls, customer satisfaction program, and a few problems. My built-in-2020 Premium ER AWD has noise problem and I have been using a rubber cord to mitigate the noise. (I took out the rubber cord prior to taking it in for service...
  3. RyZt

    Got PowerUp 2.1.0 without 21P22

    My car hasn’t received 21P22 (or 21B36, for what it’s worth). But my car just told me (within the last hour) that it got PowerUp 2.1.0 installed. I’ve seen previous reports of PowerUp 2.1.0 but all of them are from cars that have underwent 21P22. Therefore I think it’s worth reporting my...
  4. RyZt

    Lock/unlock button and indicator light inside doors stopped working

    Lock/unlock button and indicator inside doors (both driver and passenger side) stopped working in my Mach E. This have been the case for at least a week, maybe longer. I suspect that this breakage is related to the first OTA. I don't believe I have received the second OTA (but I'm not certain)...
  5. RyZt

    Toggle Adaptive CC and Auto Hold while driving?

    While driving, I'd like to toggle between ACC and CC I frequently drive a 2-mile section of 30mph hilly and wavy residential road. The lane is very wide, and cars parked alongside the road are very far away from the travelling lanes. The road occasionally have wild animals and...
  6. RyZt

    Disable PaaK when at home?

    Can I disable PaaK when my car is parked in my garage? I'm a little concerned about frequent wake up of the vehicle whenever I walk to the room on the other side of the attached garage wall.
  7. RyZt

    Mach-E USB-C port power output = 15W

    I remember seeing a few posts in the past few months asking/speculating about the maximum power that the USB-C ports can deliver. I just connected my MacBook Pro to the two USB-C ports in the cabin (under the 15" display, and below rear seat AC vents). My mac reported 15W. This tells me that...
  8. RyZt

    30% charging equipment credit renewed for 2021

    Some one noticed that the covid stimulus bill includes renewal of 30% EVSE credit (IRS 8911) for 2021.
  9. RyZt

    EuroNCAP assisted driving grading (of Ford Kuga)

    It is interesting to look at Kuga (known as Escape in North America) result. I find the grading applies generally to a manufacturer (i.e. Ford). Therefore, I think it's worth sharing. We know that Mach E will be better than Kuga/Escape, but it's a good baseline. Source...
  10. RyZt

    Ford Hands Free better not be a subscription

    I came across this article on the internet: Always read the fine print? GM Super Cruise only free for three years It turns out the advanced hands-free driving system requires a...
  11. RyZt

    Mach E's Adaptive Cruise Control (without Hands-Free)

    I ordered Mach E on day one. Throughout this process, I have assumed that Mach E's ACC (without Hands Free) will work as good as Tesla's Autopilot (without FSD). Recently, in the Hands-Free thread, there have been a few related comments on this comparison, expressing two opposing opinions...
  12. RyZt

    Mustang Mach-E Giddyup Dearborn MI

    After putting down a reservation for Mach E Premium ER AWD, I noticed that the merchant name on my credit card: "Mustang Mach-E Giddyup Dearborn MI". It gave me a good laugh