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  1. Badger_Prof

    EVs in Berlin

    Just returned from a trip to Berlin. EVs were everywhere on the street (and in the "VW Drive" exhibit). Even a Mach-E! VW ID3s were particularly common.
  2. Badger_Prof

    Body Side Moldings for the Mach-E

    I just ordered a set of custom painted body side moldings for my Mach-E. I ordered from the appropriately named Body Side Moldings I have not yet received them but will post photos once they have arrived. The owner of the company has been nice enough to offer a 10% discount to members of this...
  3. Badger_Prof

    Access Code Problems

    Anybody else have this problem--When I enter the access code from the card that came with the car (on the main infotainment screen), I get a message that it is an incorrect code. The code will not open the door either. Can't figure out how to reset it without having the factory code from the...
  4. Badger_Prof

    It is here: Rapid Red Premium AWD ER!

    Last week I received an email from Ford telling me my delivery would be delayed until March 3. On February 6, Palsapp indicated my car was dispatched from KC to be trucked to the dealer in Middleton, Wisconsin. This afternoon, it arrived at the dealer! I got to visit with it for a while and...