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  1. OON7

    A Tesla Unplugged Me 😡

    I find PHEVs to be the worst from my experience. They take the charging spots for parking and their baby batteries are almost always full whenever I see them plugged in. Really need those in charge of parking lots/garages to never put the L2 plugs in desirable spots.
  2. OON7

    Dead car…..again.

    It did for me, ended up paying for one month of my car payment while trying to get camera fixed, and when I decided to trade in for a 22 GTPE instead, they gave me a free maintenance plan on the new one.
  3. OON7

    How many times do you reset Sync 4? Daily? Constantly?

    I've reset twice this year, 100% PaaK user too. First time was for profile bug. Second time was for drive mode unavailable. I'd say between the two Mach-E's I've had I've probably reset on average every 2-2.5 months.
  4. OON7

    Paint chips?

    It's inevitable on the highway. The amount of unsecured gravel loads I see daily in Ohio on the highway are so disheartening. I just took a big rock off the front fender and it deformed the PPF and the bumper under it. I'm just going to hit it with some touch up paint to make it less noticeable...
  5. OON7

    Great video: DC Fast Charging explained -- "Everything You Need to Know..."

    That was one of the best videos I've seen on it. Great ending too.
  6. OON7

    Can I add another 60 amp breaker to this fuse box?

    I'm not an electrician, but the upside down remarks made me chuckle because I've only seen it the way the OP's look. I'm guessing if your power is coming in from an underground line it may make more sense with the main at the bottom, vs. off a pole it would probably be coming in from the top...
  7. OON7

    charging in airport

    I use one of these when charging and I won't be at my car. The do not unplug side is dry erase to leave a note with contact number. The ok to unplug you can write your contact number in permanent ink. My only other suggestions would be to charge the...
  8. OON7

    Free Public Level 2 Charging Etiquette

    Really interesting takes here. I charge Monday-Friday on a free L2 charger for about 2-4 hours each day. Before doing this, I contacted the company via email to confirm that the chargers were free, not only for employees, and that they had no issues with daily free charging. Got a confirmation...
  9. OON7

    “Drive mode unavailable” - ??

    Add me to the list, 22 GTPE, dropped from Unbridle to what I assume was Engage, but it actually said all drive modes were unavailable when I clicked each icon. A very unwelcome lurch at highway speeds with the drive mode change. 1-2 minutes later, I was able to select Unbridle. I have the UI...
  10. OON7

    Please remove thread.

    What is this about mirrors tilting down in reverse?! I thought that was a Forscan hack.
  11. OON7

    Removal of door mouldings, anyone have experience?

    Not a lot of detail with the instructions unfortunately.
  12. OON7

    Removal of door mouldings, anyone have experience?

    FDRS I think, been a while. I printed them out I'll take some pics so you can see the whole instructions later.
  13. OON7

    Missing panel above fuse panel

    I did not have this panel in my original 21 Select but it was there for my 22 GTPE. As others stated it seemed if you had ambient lighting that you also got this part. Real bummer if they actually deleted it as cost savings. I think you are on the right path to ask the dealer, I'd imagine that...
  14. OON7

    Update【AOSK】We want to appreciate all your support, and we prepared a Christmas Gift for you

    I have so many, many great, a few misses. Image below has the volume knob cover!
  15. OON7

    This isn't going to work for me. Temperature @ vent measuring 15C degrees

    This is a bummer, I'm glad I'm not in this cold of weather. Time to get a heated blanket for the car ride?
  16. OON7

    Mach E Door Handle Delete Kit

    Just installed on my passenger side, I'll put some pictures up later. Sadly, I'm a bit disappointed but one of my issues is specific to me and may not apply to everyone. I have my pillars wrapped, but the door deletes cover a lot less of the pillar so it exposed the vinyl seam that was...
  17. OON7

    Standard vs Extended Range Battery (Premium SR/ER vs CR1)

    If it doesn't hurt you financially go for the extra range. I'm also in Ohio, and after having a Select SR for a year, the extra battery in my new GTPE has been nice to have.
  18. OON7

    Mach-E Loses its Consumer Reports Recommended Rating

    To be fair you said almost 6 months, but yeah math hard sometimes. 🤣
  19. OON7

    AOSK 【Black Friday】 Limited Time Sales Now Started!

    I grabbed the front door delete, thinking I am just going to do on the passenger door to start. For the trunk/bumper protector, would have bought if black had also been discounted instead of just silver.