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  1. A 1000-Mile Race in 11 EVs, Including the Mach-E (by Car and Driver)

    Interesting video where C&D tested 11 EVs on a 1000 mile race
  2. Cancelled Order, still showing up ?

    Hello -- I had a MME on order back in April\May and then ended up canceling my order around the end of May. The Ford dealer did refund my $500 deposit. However when I login to my Ford account the order still shows up, is it supposed to look like this or am I going to get an e-mail someday...
  3. Ford site just updated, Premium now 6+ months order time ?

    Just noticed this, looks like Premium is now going to take at least 6 months to come in. Nothing about model year though, surely if we're talking November+ it would be a 2022?
  4. 2022 Model ordering ?

    Hello -- I'm contemplating putting in an order for a Premium 4X but so late in the game now I'm not sure how this would work with 2021 vs 2022. It looks like people on here who ordered in Feb are seeing build dates of like June or so. It seems like if I ordered now or in May that the build date...
  5. Mach-E AWD vs Tesla Model 3 AWD vs XXXX ?

    Hello -- My wife and I went down to one car during the pandemic and at some point in the coming months I'm going to get another car when we go back to work. I'm looking for an EV that's practical and also fun to drive. I live in Colorado and really only considering AWD (both for the traction and...