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  1. Nklem

    96 miles, 19F , Ioniq 5 Limited comparison to 21 Mach E ER AWD

    Exact same trip, similar temperatures, one from Feb 2022 with my former Mach E Premium ER AWD and the other yesterday in my Ioniq 5. Data from CarScanner and BMS. Actual battery remaining charge and miles driven. Mach E used 42.4 kWh, for 2.25 mi/kWh. Ioniq 5 used 35.1 kWh, 2.66 mi/kWh...
  2. Nklem

    Ioniq 5 Temperature Control Diagrams, Heat pump.

    If anyone is curious, you can view them here. A few differences from the Mach E. The Battery coolant loop is completely separate from the Climate loop other than getting chilled with refrigerant by the...
  3. Nklem

    So good to see the lightning Posts about range loss…

    Very entertaining reading if you have time to kill or need a chuckle. What’s wrong with my truck? A recent post from Canada was -15c, 5F, a 60% range loss. Another post 320 miles Spec, 192 miles actual around 30F. ….40% loss.
  4. Nklem

    New Jersey My Job 2 is for sale,, $56K, perfect Mach E AWD ER…Star white….. $56K all options 2K original miles on tires and wheels (I ran others), VIN 43038, ceramic coated, car did not have a scratch on it. 250k of free charging remaining on FordPass, Bluecruise through 11/23/24, and warranty from 11/23/21. They have put...
  5. Nklem

    2022 Ioniq 5 AWD Range test. Repeat of past MME test. 335 miles!

    335 miles! Non highway back roads driving. Repeat of MME test To 1% state of charge From early summer. I took the 2022 Ioniq 5 Premium AWD on a range test over the last 4 days. The weather was cooler than my Mach E test, there was rain Friday as well. 5 MPH over The limit. I kept the climate...
  6. Nklem

    Maine Brand New TSW Sebring 20x8.5 silver Machined with TPMS $1100.

    Paid over $1600. Went a different route. Bought for 2022 Mach E GT Performance edition for winter tires. 4- TSW Sebring 20x8.5. Brand new with TPMS. Silver/machined face. Model is 2085SEB405108S72 Paid Over $1600 from Tire Rack. Selling for $1100 or best offer. Located in Bar Harbor, Maine...
  7. Nklem

    Finally got the Mach E’s replacement Ioniq 5 Limited, Hits and Misses. Both great EVs.

    First and foremost, both are pretty well equal EVs. I cannot say one is superior to the other. They are both comparable. Comparing 21 Premium ER to 22 Ioniq 5 Limited. You cannot go wrong with either. My Limited was picked up on Thursday evening. Broke out the Grill at work Friday With V2L...
  8. Nklem

    Feeling bad for a friend….Dealer not honoring 2021 deal….

    A Friend ordered a 2021 Premium AWD ER Ordered in 2021. His color and options. Should have been Price protected etc. Just delivered this week and dealer is not honoring any of it and adding accessories making it even more expensive. No Options rebates, no old interest rates, nothing...
  9. Nklem

    I know the 2023 price is up but check out this beaut…..for an alternative Ford…

    Wow. A bargain. Iced Blue Metallic too.
  10. Nklem

    Maine Sold: Pending Free Star white touch up.

    Star White Tricoat, OEM Ford Touch Up paint. Only used a few times. Still has the OEM box. I will ship USPS at your expense. Its a great match. Message me if you want it. You can send me a prepaid label to deliver to the Post Office. USA only please. OR if you want to travel to Bar Harbor or...
  11. Nklem

    Maine OEM Select and Rte 1 Aluminum Sill Upgrades $40

    Too big to ship. Can deliver to Augusta. They are located in Bar Harbor. Easy install. They were used for a few months. A few marks on them. They still have the plastic on the “mustang”. $40. Message me please.
  12. Nklem

    Maine Sold rear seat Carpet Protectors $30

    Excellent condition. I think they were $60 out the door. Fit and work great. $30. Located in Bar Harbor. I can deliver to Augusta for no charge. Message me please.
  13. Nklem

    Maine European OEM “AWD” emblem for Mach E, New OEM $25. shipped

    I never had a chance to mount it. Its new OEM Ford and sealed in the box. $25 delivered to the USA. Message me please. Sells for over $35.
  14. Nklem

    Farewell to my Mach E.

    What I blast. I had such a great time and a great experience on this forum and with my Mach E (s). I sold my 21 Mach E Premium AWD ER to an online buying service this week. The number was too good to pass up allowing me to have 9 months of totally free EV fun. I cannot say anything bad or...
  15. Nklem

    Maine Sold: Ca Route 1 wheels with TPMS and Lugs, 3500 miles

    18” with OEM michelins. Evenly worn, As described above, all premium road-forced balanced, smooth as silk and with programmable Schrader TPMS programmed for 21 or 22 Mach E. Compete with OEM Rte 1 lugs too. Just bolt on and get 10+ miles of Range. $1000 or best offer.. Can deliver to...
  16. Nklem

    Maine Sold: 18” Select wheels with Continental Viking Contact 7 Snows with TPMS and Lugs

    Should fit all models except GT PE. About 4K miles on them. Studless, Bought 1 year ago, Stored inside, Roadforce balanced to perfection, no repairs, perfect wheels WITH OEM TPMS and OEM lugs and center caps. Bolt on and go. Great snows and handled every nasty weather condition perfectly...
  17. Nklem

    Just running the numbers to go with ICE.....EV still is equal or wins.

    I was shopping for a second car. Now, I have excluded insurance and excise tax which could be significant but that's the cost of driving a nicer car in my opinion. Also, to be fair, I get free charging at work so my numbers may be slightly different that yours but it negates the power cost...