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  1. HGxxx

    Intermittent 'Wireless Connection Failed' using Android Auto

    The new android security update for March seemed to have broken my good streak, now AA does not connect properly
  2. HGxxx

    Software updates and range question

    Sorry but lols to the guy who told you 400-500 miles with just software update 😅😂😂.
  3. HGxxx

    I'm Done - 2023 Powertrain & High Voltage Battery Failure

    Just waiting on OP to share further details. If indeed this is a hvbjb issue.
  4. HGxxx

    What number of 12v battery are you on?

    Then something does not make sense, you should not be going through so many LVB
  5. HGxxx

    Last minute purchasing fears

    If cost is ok, go ahead. Don't worry about accident it can happen to any vehicle and repair time is a crap shoot in best of times.
  6. HGxxx

    2021 MachE 60k miles huge problem: VIN changed

    Weird, wondering how that happened. I thought VIN is like your birth certificate can't change like that
  7. HGxxx

    Steps you can, and should take, to ensure that your state doesn't give money to chargers that aren't usable

    Done filled out the NY state NEVI public feed back site and filled out the survey and reported that they need to get a longer cord for Tesla CCS. And also emphasized maintainance.
  8. HGxxx

    FordPass Not Responding today

    Yes fordpass is gone for now, was able to unlock the door at 830 am (est) and by 845 am when I saw it did not do walkaway lock, I tried to lock the car it does not work anymore
  9. HGxxx

    What the Frunk? Share how you use your frunk

    Use the frunk for takeout food. I even shut off HVAC as I don't want the food smell in cabin 🤣.
  10. HGxxx

    Intermittent 'Wireless Connection Failed' using Android Auto

    Interesting, I have a pixel 7, and since 4.1.3 it's been pretty good with wireless AA
  11. HGxxx

    Is PAAK now a reasonable app?

    Pixel 7, only PAAk user, door opening sometimes is a bit iffy, but overall happy
  12. HGxxx

    Interesting read: Ford Corp versus Tesla Corp

    Well it's his opinion, mach e is here because of Tesla. I don't think general public cares too much about a company ethos, as long as the product is good. And in terms of people who lost 13 k due to the price drop, it's up to them if they trust Tesla again
  13. HGxxx

    Stuck in Kansas

    I would talk with your dealer as from KC to Illinois should take not that long , mine took 20 days from KC to NY. Is it damaged in transit or is this some form of fuck up somewhere
  14. HGxxx

    Can anyone confirm 100% that we have battery preconditioning

    I agree with you that detail should have been mentioned in capital letters so that people use fords navigation when using DCFC
  15. HGxxx

    Drive for two hours - Charge for an hour road trip.

    I understand that part, I was implying that no ev can com close to ICE in this regard
  16. HGxxx

    Drive for two hours - Charge for an hour road trip.

    This!! OP even in a model y with this travel itenary, he would have driven 2 hours and 15 min and then charged for 30 min. No way around that with ev for now.
  17. HGxxx

    Need new brakes 55k miles - maybe?

    I would try this before changing the "whole thing"
  18. HGxxx

    Orange Battery Indicator Fordpass

    Never seen that before, is it related to the drive mode that the car is in???, Just thinking out random ideas here😂