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  1. Mach_Enrique

    Anyone else find themselves charging longer than needed because of fear that future charge stops might not be successful?

    I charge about 5-10% over what the onboard Nav says it needs to get to the next station to make sure I have enough buffer if I need to drive around due to a problem or drive faster than it thinks I will. It make a big difference going from 65-70mph vs. 80 (I just road tripped accross Utah with...
  2. Mach_Enrique

    Road Trip Report: Joyously boring and uneventful

    Hi Forum! This last week I took my first truly successful MachE mutli-DC fast charging road trip! My first trip was from Denver to Kansas City and back BEFORE the recall...bricked in the middle of Kansans on my return trip (reported here...
  3. Mach_Enrique

    Out of Spec review of the 2023 Mach-E GT - driving characteristics

    I am so happy Kyle took the time to come back to the MachE. It was great to see him see it as a solid car and praise Ford for being "best of ish" of older OEM's in the EV area for making changes and tweaks. Won't even touch the 5 second gray bar jail problem...nough said above. I agree with...
  4. Mach_Enrique

    Update 4.1.2 Thoughts, Impressions and Comments

    I have seen other threads where “job 1” 2021 models are getting updates late. Not sure why.
  5. Mach_Enrique

    Poll - How do you take cosmetic care of your Mach-E?

    Ceramic and PPF front and full hood. Also $35 a month for 1-wash-a-day subscription to touchless car wash (multiple locations around town...I can run any car through once a day...just has to be with me/my phone). Someone at work said to me recently "is your car EVER dirty"? :cool:
  6. Mach_Enrique

    Poll: Have you gotten OTA 4.1.2 (the UI refresh)?

    Did you just make a “So I Married and Axe Murder” reference? If so…Brilliant! If not then I just dated myself. 😎
  7. Mach_Enrique

    Update 4.1.2 Thoughts, Impressions and Comments

    Thanks and great video! Seems consensus forming on changes. Have not noted more snappiness but I keep low expectations as every sync touch screen I have used (back to 2011 Edge) has been disappointingly sluggish. I suppose it is too costly to ever put a chipset in that is “new iPad snappy” in...
  8. Mach_Enrique

    Update 4.1.2 Thoughts, Impressions and Comments

    After reading this I realized that those top three icons were bugging me but was not sure why..but you hit it...its like they published without the final graphics and those were the place holders. Those three gray dot buttons for "home" "settings" "camera" do not go along at all with the...
  9. Mach_Enrique

    Update 4.1.2 Thoughts, Impressions and Comments

    Hi Forum Folks! This week 4.1.2 updated on my 2021 GT (which I think makes it job 2?) and I am not EA. Most unexpected but thought I would drop some impressions. I looked for a thread to post thoughts and impressions but I did not find any other than a few threads on specific topics, so I...
  10. Mach_Enrique

    How long is BlueCruise supposed to be free for MY2021?

    If you go into your Fordpass app, touch the account icon in the upper right corner, then scroll down to "connected services", choose your vehicle, then scroll until you see BlueCruise. That will show you the expiration date of your BlueCruise trial. You should also find your free BlueOval...
  11. Mach_Enrique

    New Year's Eve Charging Nightmare

    Very sorry to hear of your experience and glad you can provide feedback directly. When I do long trips I also run it against ABRP (a better route planner) app and see what chargers it will predict to see if I get different charger recommendations. Then check PlugShare for status before I go to...
  12. Mach_Enrique

    All I Want for Christmas is (improvements to my MME)...

    over the holiday I thought of a new easy one: Make the car in the middle of the center display have brake lights light up when your car’s brake lights go on. Would be nice feedback to have for 1P driving when one’s brake lights go on.
  13. Mach_Enrique

    Departure Time Setting on App still Down

    Been having same problem for last week or two where FordPass updates of departure time does not stick, load or sync. Can change in the car and it works. Same happens with SoC max level settings in the charging locations in the app.
  14. Mach_Enrique

    Loving the display screen layout in the 2023 Mach-E

    If it was not two laggy presses deep I would hit it almost every time before I got out of the car so it was open when I got there, thus not having to press an external button and wait wait for it to open while standing there. Extra 5+seconds of my life back x a lot trunk openings.
  15. Mach_Enrique

    All I Want for Christmas is (improvements to my MME)...

    1. Remove 5 second max acceleration limit (without melting anything) 2. Ability to add one touch custom buttons at top by “car” icon for things like camera, rear hatch etc. 3. Sentry mode, pet mode and camping mode 4. Ability in CarPlay to use video streaming apps on big screen when not...
  16. Mach_Enrique

    Proof it's a Mustang!!!

    I stumbled on more proof when cleaning the charging mat in the center console (under the charging mat when you remove it).
  17. Mach_Enrique

    Stop Safely Now (HVBJB): Mach-E Owners Biggest Fear - Facts and Info Thread

    Me too!! Just picked mine up from the dealership with my 2nd HVJB (posted about this a few pages back...had a pre-recall software failure in the middle of a road trip back in April and now the "good" part here in September). I had great communication from the service center and from Ford...
  18. Mach_Enrique

    Stop Safely Now (HVBJB): Mach-E Owners Biggest Fear - Facts and Info Thread

    He was very the the point! Appreciate a good bullet point answer. :cool: And appreciate the clarification and answers. Sorry mine was long and painful read. I am feeling better though once repaired I should be in good shape!
  19. Mach_Enrique

    Stop Safely Now (HVBJB): Mach-E Owners Biggest Fear - Facts and Info Thread

    First time poster on this thread, but 2nd time with HVJB issue (had it pre-recall as covered here: My story this time has a little bit of a...