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    Louisiana ended its tax credit early

    Louisiana's legislature (having solved all other problems) acted last June to end its $2,500 EV purchase tax credit six months early, on July 1, 2021, six months ahead of the end-of-2021 date earlier enacted. There was no grandfather clause. This was passed with a huge bipartisan majority. I...
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    PaaK and iOS 15.0.1 ... lost virtual key

    This may be a coincidence, but there is no easy way to test for that. The morning after upgrading my phone to iOS 15.0.1, the phone would not start my car, and no keys appeared in the PaaK list in the app. Note that I upgraded my phone in an unusual way, the old-fashioned way, with a wired...
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    First two weeks with car

    I'm happy to report that I finally took delivery of a space white premium AWD extended range Mach-E a couple of weeks ago. My order was accepted by the dealer on 9 Feb 2021, so the total time was a few days short of 23 weeks, order to delivery. I believe that the dealer sold it to me the day...