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  1. smhenn

    What the Frunk? Share how you use your frunk

    I've also never used it. I use the trunk out of habit and because it's much easier to open than the frunk.
  2. smhenn

    Max Defrost / Heated Seat Software Bug

    Has anyone else noticed that when you turn on Max Defrost and the driver heated seats are set to auto, it turns the heat on the seats all the way up? Luckily the windows usually defog before my rear end catches fire. @Ford Motor Company another bug for your software team!
  3. smhenn

    Anyone notice can't use voice commands for USB media when Carplay is on?

    Depending on the size of your USB, I would either move all the songs to my iPhone or check out something like Cloudbeats. It lets you store your songs in places like OneDrive, DropBox, etc.... and stream them to your phone. it's app is also available in Carplay.
  4. smhenn

    Ford Power-Up OTA Update Software 3.6.2

    My GOM was showing 135 miles this morning when I turned it on pre update (plugged in 80%, garage at about 45°). I installed the update and the GOM became much more optimistic at 199 miles.
  5. smhenn

    Android 13 - PowerUp - Google Maps gone!

    I have Android 13 and the latest update and haven't had any issue. I would delete the phone from the car and vice versa on the phone and pair it again. Also, make sure wireless android auto is turned on in your phone settings.
  6. smhenn

    Braking to a full stop is strange

    There is also a software update for the brakes that makes them smoother. Might be something to ask the dealer if you didn't get it OTA.
  7. smhenn

    Power-Up 3.5.3 installed but no video streaming apps nor YouTube

    Doing a Sync reset (Hold down volumn and press the left arrow) also fixes the issue. I've had this happen 5 or 6 times now. Hopefully it gets fixed in a future update.
  8. smhenn

    2021MY Just Got Software Update 3.5.2

    Just got it on mine as well. Keep those updates rolling Ford!
  9. smhenn

    3.5.3 Power Up OTA Installed

    Just got this on my 2021! Had 3.5.2 install a couple days ago.
  10. smhenn

    2021MY Just Got Software Update 3.5.2

    My 2021 Job 2 in EA just got the 3.5.2 Power up!!!
  11. smhenn

    Bluecruise maps expired. How to update?

    That's all you should have to do. Are you connected to WiFi or have strong cellular reception? Maybe try turning auto updates off and then set them up again?
  12. smhenn

    OTA Priority Update 22-PU0707-SCH-POPB

    Just got this today after the Blue Cruise map update yesterday. Anyone know what this one entails?
  13. smhenn

    Priority Update 22-PUO727-VI-FXB

    Got this new OTA update after leaving the dealership today. I didn't see mention of it anywhere else so I thought I would share. For reference I have a 2021 Job 2 in Early Access and have already received 2.8.3 OTA and the 22S41 & 22S29 recall updates OTA.