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  1. Mach_Enrique

    Road Trip Report: Joyously boring and uneventful

    Hi Forum! This last week I took my first truly successful MachE mutli-DC fast charging road trip! My first trip was from Denver to Kansas City and back BEFORE the recall...bricked in the middle of Kansans on my return trip (reported here...
  2. Mach_Enrique

    Update 4.1.2 Thoughts, Impressions and Comments

    Hi Forum Folks! This week 4.1.2 updated on my 2021 GT (which I think makes it job 2?) and I am not EA. Most unexpected but thought I would drop some impressions. I looked for a thread to post thoughts and impressions but I did not find any other than a few threads on specific topics, so I...
  3. Mach_Enrique

    My first MachE GT Road Trip...It was the best of was the worst of times...but Ford stuck the landing!

    After almost six months of owning my GT, I finally took a long distance road trip after around 8000 miles of commuting and local trips. Nothing too exciting of a journey as was just a round trip from Denver to Kansas City. My daughter needed to get some work done on her Trombone in Kansas City...
  4. Mach_Enrique

    My First Mach-E GT & BlueCruise Road Trip Impressions

    Hi all! As I finally received my MachE, I can actually contribute my experience rather than just live vicariously through you all!! Prologue: Last Wednesday I received an email from Ford my Rapid Red GT was on it’s way to the dealer, by noon I had a text from my sales person at Interstate...
  5. Mach_Enrique

    Any idea on Hail Tolerance of MME Panoramic Glass Roof?

    Good Day Awesome Forum Peeps! As I patiently wait for the GT order bank to open and keep up on everyone's experiences getting cars now, I continue to ponder: Glass roof or no glass roof? I live in Colorado and we get hail on the front range from time to time with our intense thunderstorms...