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  1. smhenn

    Max Defrost / Heated Seat Software Bug

    Has anyone else noticed that when you turn on Max Defrost and the driver heated seats are set to auto, it turns the heat on the seats all the way up? Luckily the windows usually defog before my rear end catches fire. @Ford Motor Company another bug for your software team!
  2. smhenn

    2021MY Just Got Software Update 3.5.2

    My 2021 Job 2 in EA just got the 3.5.2 Power up!!!
  3. smhenn

    OTA Priority Update 22-PU0707-SCH-POPB

    Just got this today after the Blue Cruise map update yesterday. Anyone know what this one entails?
  4. smhenn

    Priority Update 22-PUO727-VI-FXB

    Got this new OTA update after leaving the dealership today. I didn't see mention of it anywhere else so I thought I would share. For reference I have a 2021 Job 2 in Early Access and have already received 2.8.3 OTA and the 22S41 & 22S29 recall updates OTA.
  5. smhenn

    Infrared Windshield is Cool on Camera

    Noticed this on my garage camera last night. Shows how the windshield reflects infrared radiation. Thought it was cool and just wanted to share!!
  6. smhenn

    Failed OTA 22541 & 22S29 Updates

    The new OTA recall updates have failed to install twice now for me. Both times they have tried to install at a time different that what I have scheduled and when you go into the setting to manually check for updates, it says there are none. Has anyone else had issues with them installing?
  7. smhenn

    Swipe Door Button to Lock

    I was wiping down my car after a car wash and found that if you swipe your finger across the door button, instead of pressing it, it locks the car doors. I'm probably the only one who didn't know about this but I'm glad I stumbled across it! Update: Thanks for the clarification @alexgorod and...