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  1. jeffvick2005

    Ford Increasing Mach-E Production In Response To Strong Customer Demand

    I would love to see a Bronco plug-in hybrid. Maybe some day.
  2. jeffvick2005

    Service Vehicle Soon...

    About 10 minutes later, I got a message on Fordpass that I may have been accidentally unplugged. Plugged it in and it's charging now...fingers crossed this has passed.
  3. jeffvick2005

    Unable to charge car. Service vehicle now

    I had the exact same thing just happen. What was your resolution? I'm hoping it will go away, and I don't show anything in Fordpass (yet).
  4. jeffvick2005

    Service Vehicle Soon...

    I was charging my car at work and I got a charging fault on the app. I went to move my vehicle and I got the dreaded SVS message on the dash. Also, the ring around the chargeport is red and I can't charge. However, the vehicle drives and there are no message in Fordpass (yet) I screwed...
  5. jeffvick2005

    SSM 51228 - Inoperative FordPass Remote Features

    It worked! I’m sure I would have spent hours on the phone with ford reps or a dealer. Connectivity back baby. This forum is pretty awesome.
  6. jeffvick2005

    SSM 51228 - Inoperative FordPass Remote Features

    I understand it’s fuse 11…is that the fuse right below where it says 11 on one side and 12 on the other?
  7. jeffvick2005

    SSM 51228 - Inoperative FordPass Remote Features

    I just go Ford Power-Up update 3.6.1 at 2 PM yesterday. That is the last "updated" time in the Fordpass app. Probably not a coincidence that my vehicle information has stopped updating in Fordpass at the exact same time of the update. I'm starting to really dislike updates. Ironically, the...
  8. jeffvick2005

    Per Study, ICE fueling costs fall below price of EV charging

    In Utah we're fortunate to have low electric rates - $0.11 / kWh during all hours. It makes EV charging at home about 1/3 the prices of gas. Of course that delta is smaller in the winter than in summer due to battery winter range.
  9. jeffvick2005

    Model Y is now cheaper than a 2023 Premium AWD ER

    Agreed. I took delivery of a GT a month ago. I absolutely love the car. However, there's no way I'd pay over $70k for the same car without or at a reduced tax credit...especially seeing the writing on the wall and waning demand/higher interest rates. I'd wait it out for that price to drop.
  10. jeffvick2005

    Mach-E boasting impressive share of luxury trade-ins, as well as conquests/converts from other brands

    Generally, you are probably right. I might be the exception...went from a 2017 Honda Civic to a MME GT....more than double the price I've paid for any vehicle before. Now that I've hit 50 and most kids are out of the house, decided to finally buy a car for myself. Though admittedly, if not...
  11. jeffvick2005

    CarPlay not Connecting

    Yes! On Tuesday, Fordpass told me I had an update and carplay died. I thought maybe it was bluetooth related so I messed with that, only to screw up my PAAK. By this point, I'm 45 minutes from home and my PAAK backup prompt won't come up on Sync and to make things worse, Sync started auto...
  12. jeffvick2005

    MME Postitive Stories & Feedback

    I've had my GT for a whopping 2 weeks. It's in the shop now for PPF and ceramic and I had to drive my Honda civic today - I hit the gas and thought I had a transmission issue :)...Absolutely love the MME - the look of the car, the color, the tech (though PAAK is glitchy at times) and the...
  13. jeffvick2005

    9/12/22 Build Week Chat

    In the 9/19 build week group we were fortunate that one of the mwmbers’s wife had access to UP rail info so he kept us up to date with all the rail stop arrivals and departures. It seemed to take about a week, but then it sat a week at the destination rail yard. Hope ya’ll beat the strike.
  14. jeffvick2005

    9/19 week Build Group

    Same here. What a blast to drive! First time driving was drive home from dealer tonight. Dealer experience was pretty good. X plan and 3.9 percent financing. I did have to remind him of the $500 deposit. Just got home an hour ago. So much to learn but so much fun.
  15. jeffvick2005

    9/19 week Build Group

    Very Nice! I'm heading over to the dealer in a couple hours to do the same.
  16. jeffvick2005

    9/19 week Build Group

    Which chemical guys product do you recommend for the interior- especially the dash?
  17. jeffvick2005

    9/19 week Build Group

    Here's the "vehicle is here but dealer hasn't got to it yet" photo. Hope to have a cleaned up photo tomorrow night or Saturday. I have the PPF/tint/ceramic scheduled for a week from Thursday.
  18. jeffvick2005

    9/19 week Build Group

    It's nice to finally know it's here. I'm going over to check it out this afternoon, even though I won't be able to take it home until tomorrow (hopefully)
  19. jeffvick2005

    9/19 week Build Group

    My dealer has been getting cars every day all week. I think the Roper Utah yard has been backed up as you previously mentioned. The email system is nice - it notified me at 6:30 this morning. I texted my salesperson - they didn't know it was there.
  20. jeffvick2005

    How often to charge

    Thanks. I have a Juicebox - good to know. My concern is my 125 amp panel. Between the Juicebox and hot tub, I fear a may trip some breakers if they are all going at once, so I'll need to manage the charging times...or upgrade my panel.