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  1. jgcom

    Does Departure Times Work Consistently for Anyone?

    It depends on what we mean by consistently. In between OTA updates, when the times have been entered directly in the vehicle, I can count on it—nearly 100%. OTA updates sometimes do strange things to the schedule, so I always double check. And changing times in the app fails to sync correctly...
  2. jgcom

    Ford Power-Up Version 4.2.3 is here

    My job-1 '21 got 4.2.1 a few days ago; I've not noticed any changes. I feel an obligation to the job-1 tribe to point out that the frunk still lacks remote operation.;)
  3. jgcom

    Out of Spec review of the 2023 Mach-E GT - driving characteristics

    You can count on me to sincerely "like" remarks like this when I see them. Ford should finish the job for job-1 owners! On the other hand, this is becoming similar to saying that the Dodgers should still play in Brooklyn :).
  4. jgcom

    Is the "self parking" feature gone forever?

    I agree. I've tried this out a few times in the last two years and it is just too slow and limited. If you know how to parallel park, just do that, perhaps aided by the car's cameras. If you don't know how to parallel park, then this feature wouldn't be reliable enough anyway. As for parking...
  5. jgcom

    SOLVED - How to Add the Two Front Cargo Ring Anchor Points in the Trunk.

    I like this idea very much for the modern spare, which I also use. When I carry it, I run a strap from one of the existing tie-downs, through the modern spare case handle, over the spare, around the child seat tie on the back of one of the rear seats, and then back over the spare to the existing...
  6. jgcom

    Random screen rebooting

    Norm: Yes, that exact issue began for me around the time of the 4.1.x updates, the new Sync user interface. So I was attributing it to firmware/software, not hardware. Avelli: what makes you say it is hardware?
  7. jgcom

    OutofSpec - BlueCruise 1.2 testing in progress

    Regarding remarks that are obligatory, I'd prefer a remotely operated frunk than automatic lane-changing, to be honest. ;)
  8. jgcom

    [Video] MACH-E's BIG POWER-UP SOFTWARE UPDATE: A full tour of what's changed

    Here's my subjective grading: 1) The camera button, which acts quickly and is always visible: +2 points. 2) The multi-use knob: +1 point. 3) Removing the large-format card area: -5 points. Total: -2 points. I'm disappointed. The large-format card area was (and I hope will be again) a...
  9. jgcom

    The Official List of Weird Crap That Seems to Clear Up on its Own

    Usually (but not always!) once or twice per week, two adjacent trips get concatenated, showing up in the app and car as a single trip with the total mileage. To make matters much worse, one of the two trips remains in the app's record, together with its kw-h consumption, making the efficiency...
  10. jgcom

    New Year's Eve Charging Nightmare

    Thanks to the poster and others for these interesting comments. Ultimately, EVs are great in that most of us can charge our cars at home and/or work, and rarely have to deal with gas/charging stations. The time saved and aggravation avoided really add up, a largely unheralded advantage to EV...
  11. jgcom

    Possibly Facing Eviction; Advice Needed

    Sorry I've not read all of the responses, but I suggest a compromise that uses math. If you are using a 120 V receptacle, the Mach-E generally pulls 1.5 kW. If you are plugged in for 8 h/day, that maxes out at 240 kW-h per month. Ask to see how much the building is actually paying for its...
  12. jgcom

    UI Sin

    I would be glad to have a poorly-drawn frunk button, even if it had a drop-shadow coming from an inconsistent angle! Even if it was labeled using comic sans!
  13. jgcom

    Really MME is so bad or something wrong with Forum?

    When car shopping in early '21, I found this forum extremely helpful and perhaps decisive in making my decision to order. I found it helpful and informative while waiting half a year to get the car. Once I got the car, I have found better answers and explanations here than anywhere else. I...
  14. jgcom

    Software Issue -- Ridiculously erroneous "This Trip" data

    This has affected me for 20000 miles. The car cannot reliably tell when a trip ends; sometimes the same block of miles is associated with more than one trip, but the GoM change isn’t.
  15. jgcom

    BlueCruise Stopped working

    I have found that a quick windshield wash, which cleans both front-facing cameras, will often coax BC to turn on when it hesitates. I speculate that some of the time dirty cameras can prevent lane-centering quality. Another possibly related issue: shiny roadway surfaces and sunshine that...
  16. jgcom

    State Charging Infrastructure Plans

    Louisiana mostly I hope it will one day be convenient to drive between Baton Rouge and points north.
  17. jgcom

    Stupid Physics Question

    I'm a physics prof., and I answered a similar question last year, before I got my car: If you read my old post carefully, you will note that the effect is minuscule, would be difficult to...
  18. jgcom

    Failed 2.6.0 OTA Club

    Here is my Power-up history, plus a few notes. I bought the car in July, 2021. 1.6, date forgotten 1.4, date forgotten 2.1.0?, date forgotten "Ford BlueCruise is almost here" email 2021-09-21 1.7.1, 2021-11-10 2.3.0, 2022-01-19 21P22, dealer-installed power-up, part of glass adhesion recall* ...
  19. jgcom

    SPACE WHITE Mach-E Club

    I've had mine for a while, 15,000+ miles now. I particularly like how the space white looks with the setting sun on one side and the blue sky above.
  20. jgcom

    Thank You Forum Members! You saved me $$$

    Nice post. The only recommendation I would add is to double-check that your order deposit is taken into account on delivery day. Sometimes it gets lost…