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  1. CA RTE 1

    What the Frunk? Share how you use your frunk

    I have yet to use my frunk as well, however I cannot recall a need for its use. I do use the trunk and that may be in part. . . habit.
  2. CA RTE 1

    Would you still buy the Mach E today?

  3. CA RTE 1

    My Mach-E was broken into today with items stolen. Ford, can we have Sentry Mode?

    Critical thinking is the analysis of available facts, evidence, observations, and arguments to form a judgment. Therefore, there is no need for you to respond.
  4. CA RTE 1

    My Mach-E was broken into today with items stolen. Ford, can we have Sentry Mode?

    More appropriately “reparations” were derived from the institution of “slavery” a viable criminal infliction upon kidnapped humans brought to America in cargo containers—separated from family members, sold, and suffered a multitude of inhumane deeds. On this forum, perhaps, your ancestry led you...
  5. CA RTE 1

    My Mach-E was broken into today with items stolen. Ford, can we have Sentry Mode?

    I have several cameras that allows captures to go to my cloud account, yet will not stop a thief but may find a solution.
  6. CA RTE 1

    📑 Towing a Mach-E — Tips & Reference Guide

    Thanks (of course I hope to need this procedure) and saved.
  7. CA RTE 1

    California CA Rt 1 wheels, tires and TPMS

    I hope that does not change--anytime soon.
  8. CA RTE 1

    GT decals..Yay or Nay

    The GT, IMO, is far more visible than the CA RTE 1 logo/badge. My CA RTE 1 is too low in the curve on the rear deck. If, and only if, the issue is "is it appealing?" Yes, but not very visible🧐.
  9. CA RTE 1

    Ok, there’s too many Mach-Es now 😉

    My first 15 months in the Phoenix area I averaged MME sightings about one per month (with a wave). However, in the last several weeks I have been sighting about 3 MMEs a day and this past weekend I parked next to a white MME. The owner was walking from the ATM when he noticed me (actually it was...
  10. CA RTE 1

    Farley: Ford is Going to 100% Online, Fixed-Price Sales For EVs

    My Apr-2021 CA RTE 1 was a100% online start-to-finish experience with Ford. Well almost 100% actually it was more like 99.5% online. The last .5% was the EV delivery to the Lincoln Dealership (and to the salesperson), I have dealt with for years. The Mach-E was washed and fully charged upon my...
  11. CA RTE 1

    What to do about someone who unplugged my car

    If there are no jurisdictional issues and of course there are provable damages from your view, Trespass to chattel might work. You have the tag number and, perhaps, a camera view of the tag owner as the wrong doer you just might have a case, if it is worth filing net money wise.
  12. CA RTE 1

    Would you have ordered the Mach E if there was no Tax Credit available?

    I made the decision to purchase the Mach E long before I realized a tax credit was a potential.
  13. CA RTE 1

    Deep Sleep Question

    The for me as well.
  14. CA RTE 1

    Mach-E EPA Range Estimates Updated on Ford's Website

    Currently I am still averaging 336-mile range. Love it!
  15. CA RTE 1

    Do not buy a Mach E if you're expecting a high tech car

    In the north Phoenix/Scottsdale areas it is Tesla models and KIAs; yet if I purchased again, it would still be the Mustang Mach-E.
  16. CA RTE 1

    "iTs NoT a MuStAnG!"

    I had many to stop me to express praise for the Mach E but of the many that praised only one stated: “it is not really a Mustang”. I pointed to logo “iT is a MuStAnG”. In the end, I live in an area in which there are a number of SUVs with badges such as Porsche, Jaguar, Bentley, Maserati, etc...